If you’re like most people, home is where you look forward to coming home at the end of a long day to reset and unwind. Having a beautiful and relaxing home is essential to balance work and life. For the majority of Americans (65%), you also own your home

Our homes are not only where we hang our hats, but we also look to them for sanctuary, and we decorate them in ways that show our personality, values, and lifestyle. The average American home has over 300,000 items inside, and those items all add benefits to our lives.

But, just like our tastes in clothing can change over time, so can our preferences for what we buy to decorate our homes. Some people own too much, and their home’s clutter is a cause for overwhelm. If you need a reset at home to make it more relaxing, consider starting with the room you use to relax and reset the most – your bedroom. Keep reading for ways to turn your bedroom into your dream sanctuary.

Start By Decluttering 

Minimalism is not an option for many people, but they can still benefit from a thorough declutter. While you don’t need to eliminate any item that doesn’t spark joy, cleaning out the items that don’t fit your lifestyle is essential; from too many clothes that only create a closet of chaos to broken knick-knacks sitting on shelves, donate or recycle items that aren’t a calming or happy visual for you. Leave no stone unturned! Declutter your closet, under-bed storage, bedside tables, and any other area in your bedroom. 

Calming Colors 

While it’s true there are industry standards for colors that evoke a sense of calm, like shades of cream, blue and light pink, pick any color scheme that is calming for you. Floral prints calm many people, and that’s okay. Picking a color scheme and sticking with it from bedding to the paint is a great way to create a more relaxing atmosphere. 

Relaxing Additions 

While decluttering is critical to creating a sanctuary, so is adding items that can help you relax after a hectic day. Adding things to your bedroom or attached primary bathroom can make all the difference in boosting your mood and calming your mind. Essential oil diffusers with calming scents on the dresser is a nice way to do this or lavender body lotion in the bathroom are game-changers. Maybe your room is too sparse; additions like a fluffy rug next to your bed or a body pillow to snuggle with can be life-changing. If you’ve been daydreaming of things to splurge on to make your bedroom more peaceful and comfortable, here’s your green light to treat yourself. 

Mood Lighting 

Any good decorator knows that the lighting in your home sets the mood for every occasion. If your lighting needs an update in your bedroom, investing in soft lighting in the form of table and floor lamps is worth it – overhead lighting is never relaxing! Additionally, ditching your devices in your bedroom is a great way to eliminate the negative effects of blue light. If you have trouble falling asleep, consider making your bedroom a device-free zone, as the lighting from the screens affects your circadian rhythm and disrupts relaxation and restorative sleep.

The Perfect Bed 

The perfect bed is the most fundamental part of curating a peaceful bedroom. While mattresses are a significant investment, purchasing the highest quality mattress you can afford is essential. It’s worth going into a mattress store and laying on several models to determine the type of mattress that supports you and lulls you to sleep the easiest. In addition to a great mattress, you’ll want luxurious sheets, cozy comforters or quilts, and the perfect pillows. Pillows are just as important as your mattress so determine if you like a firm, medium, or soft down pillow. Your pillow should support your sleep style and address any issues with back or neck pain. 

While investing in your bedroom can easily take a backburner to other financial obligations or renovations you’ve been dreaming of for your home, it pays itself in spades. Sleep affects everything from our mental health to our physical health, and making sure your bedroom is a sanctuary for you will affect all aspects of your life. Use the above ways to make a more peaceful environment to improve your life today. Sweet dreams!

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Last Update: Monday, 14th August 2023