I love finding out about new books and authors, that are new to me, it’s a little lesson and finding out about a new person is always exciting. Isla loves reading and she has started reading, quite big books, when she is winding down in bed at the end of the day. She was excited to receive a copy of Emily Knight I am Becoming… from author Abiola Bello. This is the third book in the Emily Knight series. Isla really wants to read the other books now.

Emily Knight

Abiola is a fab author, her first story of Emily Knight came about as she wanted to fill the hole in children’s fiction for an inspirational, strong, black, female, young protagonist. Abiola is such an inspirational lady, she regularly attends literary festivals and gives talks to primary and secondary school children. She also helps young writers and people wishing to get into publishing. Writing her first novel at the age of 8, it is no surprise that Abiola is a leader in her field.

Emily Knight

The book is about Emily Knight, she is finally ready to defeat Neci once and for all. But Neci is one step ahead and targeting the Knights one by one. When one of Emily’s best friends is kidnapped, Emily leads the elite team on a rescue mission, but nothing can prepare Neci for what Emily has prepared. Here’s a little Q&A with the author:

Q. Emily’s back – how do you feel about the release of the third book in the series after the growing success of the first two books?

“I feel scared lol. It is a bit terrifying but also exciting, like I can’t believe book three is almost here and I have just one more book to go in the series.”

Q. What can Emily fans expect from Emily Knight I Am… Becoming?

“It’s definitely darker than the other two. A lot of sacrifices are made in this book in the quest to defeat Neci. But the Knights are back together, which is fab.”

Q. What age range do your Emily books appeal to? Do you write for other ages?

“You kind of grow with Emily so the series goes from middle-grade to teen/YA as she gets older. I would say book 1 is 9-12, book 2 is 10-14 and book 3 is 12-16.”

Chapter One

Did you like the Time School review? We love reading books, do you have any fun books that you are reading at the moment? I would love to know in the comments below.

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