With Christmas growing closer it might be hard to think about Autumn birthday gift ideas that will be appreciated just as much as those wonderful Christmas gifts in a few months. Personalised gifts are always the perfect way to gift loved ones and friends, I found a lot of amazing gifts online. This is my Autumn birthday gift guide 2021, from Printster.

Printster is a really easy to use website that allows you to add photos, edit words on wrapping paper to create personalised gifts for any occasion. They are perfect for Autumn birthdays and also you can start your Christmas shopping early too! They have been running for over 15 years and I just love their gifts; the in your face socks and wrapping paper are so funny. The in your face socks make me laugh every time Hubby wears them.


Personalised keyring

They have a variety of keyring’s from acrylic keyring for £3.99 to heart shaped glossy keyrings for £6.99. I love them as you can carry them to most places you go; if they’re on your car keys like mine. I chose some of my favourite photos and personalised the keyring’s that I wanted. It is really easy. You upload your photo on the website and you can preview it before you buy too.

In your face socks

These “in your face” socks are just hilarious. I chose the funniest photos I could find and they look brilliant. I love the fact Hubby’s hair looks huge and I look grumpy. We went out on a family day trip and I saw them through the gap between Hubby’s shoes and trousers, I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s definitely a fun gift for someone now we are getting into boot season.

in your face socks

Personalised magnets

Magnets are a great way to show off your favourite photos on your metal objects. We have a fridge full of our memories from across the years. The personalised magnets from Printster are £10.99 for a pack of 12. You upload the photos you want to use and it’s just so easy to do. These are also the perfect gift for Christmas stockings.

Personalised mugs

I love the mugs! Isla has the heart name mug and Noah has the dotty personalised mug. Both usually £5.99 – however Printster do run great offers throughout the year and there is currently an offer on the heart mug (at the time of printing). The kids love coming home from school and having a hot chocolate in the Autumn. These are a great idea if you have kids birthdays in Autumn – fill them with some In your face socks! Voila.

Personalised wrapping paper

Now, the pièce de résistance: personalised wrapping paper. I just love it and it always makes people smile when you hand over their gift. I use this wrapping paper for family gifts and I love seeing their smiles. They have lots of styles from this colourful birthday wrap to newspaper spoof, to logos. They also have fun Christmas patterns, which I cannot wait to show you nearer the time!

A fun SnapWatch

We love going out on activities and these fun watches from SnapWatch help the children keep to the time when we are out and about. You can get lots of fun designs and they only cost £14.99 from Amazon. You simply SNAP the watch on to your wrist.

We love Printster, we found some fab gifts for Father’s Day back in June. You could always tweak these gifts for any occasion, that’s what makes personalisation perfect. What is your favourite item from my Autumn birthday gift guide 2021? I would love to know in the comments below.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 21st December 2022