Trying to find fun things for Daddy Constant is hard. He has everything he wants, so finding those gifts that he didn’t realise he needed is essential. I have everything from the sports fans to the sweet fans, hopefully there is something for everyone’s Daddy! Here it is my: Father’s Day gift guide 2021… I hope it inspires you to get something fun for Daddy this year.

Personalised gifts from Proper Goose

We love personalised gifts and Daddy is no exception, these gifts from Proper Goose are perfect for Father’s Day this year. We got Daddy a new Water Bottle to take on his bike rides and SUP sessions, a Daddy tin full of vegan sweets and a personalised wooden retro cassette card. They have such a great choice of gifts on their website it’s a fab place to start online shopping. I loved the packaging too. Use this code MUMMYC15 to get 15% off at checkout!

Plantable Father’s Day cards

I absolutely love the idea of plantable cards and these Plantable Father’s Day Cards from Little Wild Co. are gorgeous. I got a Dad and Grandad, we always get Grandad a card too. Growing up I always got my Grandad a card on Father’s Day as my own Father wasn’t around and now it’s just my custom! There are some lovely designs to choose from at Little Wild Co. I am sure you will find one for your Father or Grandad!

Little Wild Co.

Personalised plant pot

I absolutely adore this personalised plant pot from Cool Pots. Daddy isn’t into plants and so I thought this would make for a very cool pen pot for his desk. They have loads of designs to choose from and this one has the 3 pets on it, it really makes me giggle. Can you see Snoopy, Rambo and Rocky? Cool Pots have told me that the last day to order, to reach you in time for Father’s Day, is 16th June 2021. Perfect for a Father’s Day gift guide 2021, don’t you think?

Cool Pots personalised pot

A robust pen for Daddy

Now Daddy has a new pot for his pens (see above) he needs some fabulous new pens to go with it. This Fisher Space Camouflage bullet pen from Pen Heaven is just perfect for Daddy. It’s camouflage and perfect to take on his many activity days – you never know when you might need a pen, do you? It is a rugged and reliable pen and its £30.00.

Pen Heaven

Bike repair kit

As I have mentioned, a lot, Daddy loves going out on his bike and this mini bike repair kit jumped out at me. Kikkerland have some great gift ideas and this Bike Repair Kit is one of them. Comes with all the tools needed for a quick fix to keep you on your cycle route. I found this on the Trouva website.

Bike repair kit

Dad’s pub serving mat

Photo Gifts Now have some amazing gift ideas and I just loved this Dad’s Pub beer mat. Daddy is going to love using this whilst watching the Euro’s over the next few weeks! For £12 this mat is a great idea for Father’s Day. If you have an outdoor bar it would be perfect too.

Dad's pub

Epic Escape Room at home

With the restrictions still on and people spending time at home, this game: the Escape Room In A Box (3in1) from Epic Escapes and it is brilliant. There are 3 games in the box and you can have from 3 – 6 players. So great with the family or for a dinner party evening. There are 3 different games from easy to hard: crime, piracy and hijack. This is £99 and you can get it online from Epic Escapes website.

Epic Escape Rooms

Vegan Spa on the Go

After the last 18 months everyone needs a little spa love and that extends to Daddy’s as well. This Vegan Spa on the Go from is a great little gift for Daddy. have so many eco-friendly gifts to choose from, you can find something perfect for your Father. This set of shampoo, soap and soap bag is just under £20 and contains zero waste, is chemical free and vegan.

Vegan Spa on the Go

Lego coasters

We are a family of Lego fans and when I saw these Oak Lego Coasters from The House of Eden, I simply couldn’t resist them. The coasters are a set of 4, made from oak and have a strip of Lego blocks running through them – each coaster is a different colour. They are playful and stylish, great idea.

Lego coasters

Enamel mug

Daddy is very often out; from camping to cycling to walking. And when I saw this enamel mug from Go Your Own Way Apparel I couldn’t resist. Take me to the trails is Daddy’s motto and I am sure he will be showing this off over the Summer when he goes out on his bike!

Take me to the trails

A new cologne

I like getting a new cologne, I always find I get used to my perfumes too quickly, the solid cologne’s are a great idea as they are compact and can be taken almost anywhere. It is made with natural ingredients and moisturises the skin, so you can keep fresh and feeling great wherever you go. Alexander Solid Cologne is £19.99 from Solid Cologne.

Solid cologne

Terrarium kit

This year we are hoping to build our own offices and I think this Terrarium will look perfect in Daddy’s new office once it’s done. The Terrarium kit, from UK Terrariums, comes complete with everything you need in order to make your very own calm on his desk. They can last for years and I remember my Grandparents having something similar when I was young!

UK Terrarium

Custom star map

Influenced by clean minimalist design and infused with warm notes, Meant To Be creates sophisticated custom art pieces with a scandi-boho aesthetic. Originally from Portugal but living in London, designer Marina is inspired by celestial and tropical styles with crisp natural tones. I got Daddy a custom star map of when the kids were born, such a cute idea. They start from £20.
Custom star map

Personalised Beano book

Noah often calls Daddy “Deano Beano” and so I couldn’t resist this personalised Beano book for Daddy. That’s why I have put Deano on the book and not Daddy! The book of everyone have created this fun book, full of wish (ish) words and will have you and the kids laughing out loud on Father’s Day. You have 4 days to order if you want it in time for Father’s Day, so get personalising!

Personalised Beano book

Printster personalised wrap & tags

Last but not least; wrapping and tags are an essential part of the package as it seals the deal on fabulous gifts. Printster have personalised wrapping paper and tags; I couldn’t resist. The wrapping paper is called “In Your Face Personalised Wrapping Paper” which I find really amusing. You simply upload a photo of the person you want on the wrapping paper and Printster magically make the fun paper happen. It can only have one face on it, so I got one for a face full of Noah and one for Isla. I think they are brilliant. You can order in different sheet sizes, depending on what you need to wrap! Perfect.

Printster in your face wrapping paper
Printster in your face wrapping paper

I hope you like the selection of goodies for Daddy this Father’s Day – I would love to know if I inspired you to get something. Let me know in the comments below and tell me what was your favourite from the Father’s Day gift guide 2021? Don’t forget you can check out last years gift guide (2020) for more ideas too! Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddies out there.

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