I love bringing out the best crockery for guests, tea and biscuits is the kind of thing I imagined when I was younger: daydreaming about supplying cups of tea for the guests in my home. Tell me I am not the only one. Well, I have put together this post on how to give your guests the best cup of tea and that’s about process but also setting the scene with perfect homeware (which also make for brilliant gifts).

The best biscuits

If you have planned visitors then you can plan for the shopping, you need to get in the right tea bags (or tea leaves), sugar, milk and a collection of biscuits. I always go for Twinnings English Breakfast Strong teabags as they make a beautiful brewed cup of tea. Don’t forget the perfect tea dunkers: Rich Tea or Lotus Biscoff are a favourite in our house. What are your favourite biscuits?

A sugar bowl

As a child, I always wanted to have a sugar bowl; for me it was the perfect addition to a kitchen and it really sets the scene when you are entertaining. It also is sentimental as my Grandparents always had a sugar bowl in the middle of the kitchen table. I was very lucky to receive this beautiful, handmade, sugar bowl in honey speckle glaze from Peter Bowen Art. It is absolutely gorgeous. It is a beautiful addition to the table, perfect for entertaining and also a really beautiful gift for a loved one. It’s £38 which includes the pretty spoon too; I couldn’t believe the value of this handmade item – it’s a must have buy!

Matching tea set

For me, tea has to be in a cup and saucer (if we are doing it properly). Don’t get me wrong I do mostly drink in a mug. But, when entertaining you need a lovely tea set to go with your sugar bowl of course. It really is like the days as a kid when you have a pretend tea set and you imagine setting it up for your dolls. If you have a matching teapot then all the better!

Table or living room?

I guess the answer to this is dependent on your home space and your guests. I would vote for a living room experience with the tea set on a tray on a coffee table. People can sit and drink tea and eat biscuits, or cake, in comfort and you can have a great conversation across the room. If it’s a nice day you could set this up in the garden; cushions on your outdoor furniture and nice blankets. There are so many options to making your guests feel welcome and spoiled.

Afternoon Tea

If you feel like putting on a little extra special something for your guests then turn your tea in to an afternoon tea. Complete with finger sandwiches, scones and a selection of cakes. Did you know the afternoon tea came about because Duchess of Bedford felt that “sinking” feeling in her tummy around 3pm. In the 1800’s people had dinner at 8pm and so Afternoon Tea became a fashionable way of filling the gap.

Most importantly

…don’t forget you need to brew the tea for a few minutes (for English Breakfast tea) and if you are using a teapot you need the amount of teabags for the amount of cups you are pouring. Don’t scrimp on teabags in a teapot as the tea will be weak and it will ruin the entire drink. If you are serving for 4 people, use 4 teabags. Let it brew for a few minutes and then pour into cups, add your sugar and milk. Stir clockwise, then anti-clockwise. Voila.

What is your favourite way to entertain and make the best cup of tea for your guests? I would love to know in the comments below.

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Last Update: Friday, 24th September 2021