Oh #lastyear. What fun memories. What happy times. Our last holiday abroad was a year ago, Crete was beautiful. I’ve spent lots of hours during lockdown looking at our photos and remembering our family time together.

It feels like ages ago since we were there. But also it feels like last month! Does anyone else feel like this with things that happened before lockdown?

The past 8 weeks have gone so quickly, it’s quite unbelievable to think we are heading into Summer. The whole of Spring would have been spent in lockdown. But it doesn’t feel like we’ve been doing it for a season.

I can’t wait to go on holiday again. Once Crete opens its gates, I think we’ll head back. Family time with all inclusive. Just the ticket to focus on!

What are you focusing on to get you through this?


Oh #lastyear. What fun memories....

What a lovely chilled #bankholiday we’ve had today. It started with a dog walk, before it got too hot, I love this photo of my babies.

Then we had breakfast in the garden, it was 17 degrees by 9am I think this morning.

I mowed the lawn and cut the edges with my grass scissors 🤣 and set the paddling pool up.

We’ve all spent the afternoon dipping in the pool, playing on the trampoline and even a little bit of crafts.

This evening we carried on our Marvel fest, we’re doing the chronological story order (not the created order) and we’re up to Iron Man. It was brilliant. A great action movie.

I’ve never seen any of the marvels. Until now. I’m so grateful for @disneyplusuk keeping it all in one place!

Have you seen them?


What a lovely chilled #bankholiday...

This evening we had a little family scoot around our town, with a very special mission in mind.

My beautiful friend @gembro82 has started off a very long and colourful snake. The idea is you decorate a rock and add it to the snake. 🐍 Over the past 2 weeks its grown to over 400 rocks.

We loved it. It’s quite moving seeing all of these rocks, #rainbow themed or character themed. It shows just how many children are sitting at home missing their friends and that interaction.

It also demonstrates how we can support each other and work together through these daunting times.

Do you have a #SnakeRock near you? Or, do you have something similar?


This evening we had a...

Would you believe me when I tell you this was this morning? It was. It was directly in-between 2 rather scary looking rain clouds that unleashed their power!

The kiddies didn’t mind. They loved splashing around in the river, despite us warning them the weather would be changing very soon. Thankfully the blustery rain showers were short, albeit powerful.

The kiddies love this spot. They’ve asked to go every single day since they discovered it. I see it being a popular choice over the Summer.

This was taken with my phone. I am completely in #love with the camera on this phone. I love the fact I can take clear, vibrant and detailed photos whenever I have my phone with me.

Have you got a favourite spot that you visit more frequently than before lockdown?


Would you believe me when...

A great way to spend some time whilst waiting for the best delivery of your life! It was fun watching the kiddies play this game; daddy had to find the kiddies on the trampoline. I love how vibrant the colours are in this photo. Especially the #orange opening.

It seems easy but it’s quite disorienting. The kids love it. I love the anticipation of when Daddy will get them!

Our big delivery was our garden furniture. I’ll post some photos when it’s not quite so windy. The wind blew the cushions all over the place this afternoon. Our rather large patio is looking like a cosy spot to spend the summer now!

I’m hoping we’ll get in some chill time this weekend, enjoy our garden and just be safe at home.

What are you up to this weekend?


A great way to spend...

We are very excited to announce a fabulous competition with @toysforapound_ - they are giving away 2 bundles of 25 toys for 2 of my followers.

The kiddies had fun going through all the toys, there is a great choice of toys too. Something for everyone: including little ones. Or even the grown ups.

Enter on the blog, link in bio or check out my competition stories. You’ve got to be in to win it!

#Quicktip if you want to impress the kids this summer order a bundle of toys from @toysforapound_ - they were amazed with the amount of goodies in the box!

If you want a 10% discount code, please use CONSTANT10, this will work once per customer!

Good luck! #mummyphotoaday

We are very excited to...

I had precisely 30 minutes of sunshine this evening to test out my new iPhone camera. I absolutely love it.

The photos I have taken are stunning. The quality of the colour and the light, the fun angles of the new lens. I took this photo by accident, I adore it.

It’s world #bee day today and when I was taking this photo all of a sudden I noticed 5 or 6 buzzing around me collecting the pollen. 🐝 They fascinate me.

I can see I am going to have a lot of fun with this new phone... Anyone else have any cool tips for the new iPhone?


I had precisely 30 minutes...

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, this week, and the topic is KINDNESS. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing, but the effects of being kind to someone can have many benefits. I would definitely say cost vs value, value wins every time! 🤣 I think that kindness is more important at the moment as everyone needs that extra lift to make them smile.

Smiling releases hormones, endorphins, which makes us feel happy and also helps to reduce stress. So, it’s a good circle: be kind to someone - make them smile - make yourself feel happy in the process.

On Sunday Hubby showed me kindness when he took the kiddies out for a bike ride and gave me some time on my own. I needed the headspace as I’ve felt frazzled over the last 2 months. He knew that, subconsciously, and knew that taking the kiddies out would make a difference to my day. It did.

I smiled. I painted. I chilled. I felt happier.

In honour of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek - I want to spread a little kindness in my teeny square part of the world!

Comment on this photo and I will reply to you with kind words, which will hopefully make you smile.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.


It’s Mental Health Awareness Week,...

Adding a new twist on old favorites

I’m hosting a dinner party in a few weeks time and let me tell you, this isn’t something I take lightly. I’m a massive foodie, and because of that, I want my friends to love everything as much as I do.

With this in mind, I’ve been trying to work out how I combine some of my all-time favorite meals with a bit of tender loving care to make sure they’re up to dinner party standards. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. I’m a big fan of dinner parties requiring minimal time away from guests, and therefore meals that can be prepared before and in the main, just need popping in the oven.

So, it’s a tricky decision, but I’ve been doing my research; traipsing through tonnes of recipe sites and magazines hoping that something would scream out in deliciousness to me. The good news is, I have now narrowed down some ideas. The interesting part of these winning choices is that I’m taking the idea of adding a new twist to an old favorite of mine. I got the idea from some of the Kraft recipes which have somehow combined some of the most recognised and tasty recipes handed down for generations, with a fresh look and taste. Let me give you an example… I mean, have you heard of a shepherds pie with sour cream and ketchup? You have now, and it’s going to knock your socks off!


Another I found recently was an old recipe with a twist, but more in the low-fat sense – a fettuccine carbonara with a face-lift in the form of calorie-cutting (which let’s face it, is never a bad thing). This adapted version of a much loved Italian classic now contains fat-free milk, ham instead of bacon and Philadelphia as an alternative to the painfully-rich cheese sauce… yes I know it’s delicious, but honestly, this is pretty darn tasty too.

Apparently, this can save a whopping 80 calories and 16 grams of fat per serving – all thanks to a bit of ham and Philadelphia! Come on… it’s a pretty impressive swap. But if low fat isn’t what you’re going for, then perhaps you could try playing around with your favorite recipes to see what works. You know, break them down, mix up ingredients and see what you come up with.

A great source of new twists on old favorites is Pinterest, which has a veritable smorgasbord of awesome ideas. Mashed sweet potato casserole (with marshmallow gravy and pecans) looks like a real corker, while the Lasagna Cups from Lauren’s Latest are perfect dinner party treats; mini dishes the size of cupcakes. An ingenious take on a classic.


Another brilliant twist on lasagna is a chicken and broccoli version. You got it… no mince, no tomato sauce… just cheese sauce goodness, chicken, onion and broccoli layered up exactly the same as a classic lasagna. It’s beyond delicious and I can’t recommend it enough. I’m not sure this has helped me decide which dinner party recipe to vote for because now I just fancy them all… but one thing is for sure, all this chat has certainly made me hungry. Have you got any other out-of-this-world suggestions you think I should try?


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Adding a new twist on old favorites

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