A perfect summer for princesses

Isla absolutely adores Cinderella at the moment, the Disney classic version and we went to the cinema to see the new film which is amazing. She was also very lucky to receive some beautiful goodies from the Disney Store to help her celebrate her love for Princess Cinderella and princesses in general. 


There are so many goodies in the Disney Store at the moment, she has the Cinderella animator doll which are just adorable. The animator collection are just so cute. There are two Cinderella dolls out, a collectors edition with Prince Charming and the famous blue dress with her beautiful golden hair flowing down her back. The dolls have so much detail on them and their clothes, intricate detailing in her hair too. It amazes me how these dolls are made with such tiny parts to them. 


Isla loves her reversible, deluxe, Cinderella dress. She wears it as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and walks around the garden for hours singing her little heart out. I have visions of her doing this for years to come, until she can barely fit in the dress. It feels quite heavy but its so full it has to have some weight to it, it’s like a wedding dress for a toddler. It is amazing. 



Isla was very lucky to receive such fantastic Princess goodies. She loves them all and plays with them all of the time. I love the fact she is a little girly girl. I was quite tom boyish when I was younger – so it’s nice to have a little girly girl.



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