A Nautical Ballerina Dress

We were sent a fantastic outfit for Isla from www.chateaudesable.co.uk and it was as gorgeous on her as it was on the website, she looked adorable and I really excited about sharing the photos with you. The nautical ballerina dress is such a beautiful design, it was a lovely fit and Isla looked like a little princess with it on.


The dress has short sleeves and the material is quite stretchy, so no tears whilst trying to get it on or complaints about sort armpits, which some styles of dresses cause. It is a beautiful dress, really soft and washes incredibly well – the colours are still as vibrant as they were when we recieved it. The finishing touches on the dress are just adorable too, the little buttons and detailing on the back of the dress. There is even a bit of silvery sparkle in the belt, which is another little extra that this dress has. The dress has serious twirl ability too, I love watching Isla spread her arms out like she is going to fly and then just spinning around with her dresses following her round, she has the biggest smile when she does that. isladres

Because of the style of the dress there is a lot you can do with it, Isla wore it with a blue cardigan later in the evening as it got a bit chillly, it would look fantasic with pretty shoes and tights too when the colder weather comes. There will always be an excuse to dress Isla up in her beautiful nautical dress and go for a princess spin (that’s what Isla calls it). You can buy this dress on the Chateau de Sable website and choose from many other beautiful designs and outfits. You can follow them on Twitter @ChateauSableUK, like them on Instagram and follow them on Pinterest too. I will leave you with the photos of Isla in her dress, there were so many beautiful ones I couldn’t choose:


DSC_1265 DSC_1274 DSC_1275 DSC_1284 DSC_1285 DSC_1294

DSC_3643 DSC_3678 DSC_3771

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