Being a mum is hands down the most beautiful thing in the world, but of course it can get a bit tough sometimes! Although their lovely faces and a mother’s love makes it all worth it, it does not take away the fact that it all can get very exhausting. According to Psychologist Dr. Nava R. Silton, taking a momcation or indulging in self-care is not just be good for your physical, psychological, and socio-emotional health, it will benefit your family members too. You will go back refreshed, a better wife, and a more patient mother.

So why not give yourself some regular healing and recuperating time to remind yourself of the good things life has to offer either alone or with some friends? A quick trip to Italy is just what the doctor ordered, more specifically the modern and chic playground city of Milan!

The Palazzo Parigi Hotel and Spa

At the heart of Milan lies the full-of-life Palazzo Parigi hotel, and on its third floor is the Grand Spa, a wellness haven for a complete healing experience. The Moroccan-inspired decor by Pierre-Yves Rochon, a renowned French architect, creates an out-of-this-earth atmosphere to prepare you for a holistic journey. You could book a treatment room, with a double Spa if you wish for some privacy with your partner. Here, you can enjoy the Sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi and Private Hamman for an immersive refreshing experience. Nothing like a salad from the salad bar or a delicacy from the spa food menu to end your day on a delicious note.

Via Montenapoleone: The Fashion Street

After a long week of dealing with your kids, a walk along Via Montenapoleone will help cool your head and quench your fashion thirst. This is one of the best fashion shopping streets Milan has to offer, with a plethora of brands from exceptional Italian designers and the best international fashion houses. You can treat yourself to classic Milanese brands like Prada, and could also make a stop at unique shops like Pisa Orologeria, a Milano jewelry store with some of the most innovative and luxurious watches and jewelry for something truly extraordinary! The fashion district is all about diversity and beauty, everywhere you look! Treat yourself because you deserve it.

Lubar and Paper Moon Restaurants

As for your caffeine needs, Lubar’s got you covered with some of the most exquisite coffee and lunch options. It’s indoor space alone is just so adorable and Instagram worthy, you will probably catch famous Italian celebrities there too! For dinner, visit the Paper Moon restaurant for classic Milanese dishes in the chicest of the chicest environments.

Visit Armani Silos

If you are one with a knack for some fashion history and insight, Armani Silos is definitely somewhere you should go. The fashion and art museum is dedicated to the Armani style and you will get to encounter some of the most sensational items from the brand. You could sign off the day with a happy hour at Radio rooftop bar for an Italian aperitivo among other Italian, bar, European, and Central European cocktail cuisines.

With Milan, it is not always love-at-first-sight, but residents know that the city has its charm – if you know where to look. A weekend mom-cation in this city will leave you relaxed, with your fashion, art and historical thirst well quenched!

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    Friday, May 28, 2021

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