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I was told that Asda are running a campaign at the moment which supports the charity “Tommy’s” which are a fantastic charity who are funding research into stillbirth, miscarraige and premature babies. So whilst I am rushing to buy my fabric conditioner I got to help support such a great charity too. It made me reflect back on when I was pregnant with both of my little ones, the rush to grab our Persil and Comfort and to make sure all the little clothing items were sparkly clean and terrifically soft. My children are 3 and 2 now, but I still worry about how soft the towels are and how clean their nursery clothes are – so many bugs and illnesses need to be killed off when they get home. I worry no less than I did when they were newborns.


I am really lucky, I had no pregnancy issues (apart from SPD) and I had healthy birth dates as they were both only a week late and I have never experienced a miscarriage. I know just how lucky I am. It is horrible to think that people are out there having babies really early and living their days in hospitals, worrying if their baby is going to make it through and people who do not get to see their babies. It is truly horrible. I really support Tommys Charity and I hope one day that there will be no miscarraiges and we can prevent premature births at such young ages, the work they do at the charity is amazing and they need all of our support to carry on going. They definitely have mine! If you are pregnant and you need advice then please do give them a call, or read through the website, there are some great articles and advice pages for you to read. Asda have a promotion on at the moment showing that Persil and Comfort support Tommy’s charity, but unfortanately my local branch didnt have the promotional stuff out on display – we still managed to find the right aisle and products though, opposite the red wine!

comfortpureaisle Persilnonbio

This post has been for #Mums4Tommys #CollectiveBias and we enjoyed taking part in the campaign. It has been a great reflective article for me, as although the washing basket is always full and the clothes always need washing and drying, they are only little. They grow up so fast. I want to treasure these moments of washing their little clothes and protecting their senstive skin as much as possible. I love sitting smelling their freshly washed towels and now I make sure my towels are just as soft, I can’t stand hard and crispy towels.

Sophie Allport Swallow Peg Bag

How did you feel when you were pregnant with your first? Did you wash everything prior to their arrival? How do you feel about washing your little ones clothes now?


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