A great way to glam up some of those little gifts you have still yet to wrap, why not try making a little extra special gift tag? It will not only make your little gifts, look a lot more, everything always look better with a bit of tender loving care! In this guide I have used a simple nail varnish, which costs around £4. You can use whatever small gifts you have left and the good thing about these tags is that you can do as much or as little as you like.


All you need is:

  • Butchers twine (red and white is great for Christmas)
  • Plain tags (brown luggage tags work well)
  • Embellishments to finish off the tags
  • Possibly a glue gun & some scissors
  • Organza bags (different shapes and sizes)

Depending on the gift you are tagging, look for a good point to attach the tag, this could be anywhere you want it to go. With the nail varnish I wrapped the butchers twine around the handle of the polish and then hooked the tag on to the twine and tied it up. This is how simple it is to glam up something as simple as a nail varnish for Christmas. You could simply write on the tag with a red pen, in fancy writing and put their name. Or print out a label to glue onto the tag. If you have access to a glue gun, you could glue tiny bells, Christmas sparkly gems or anything special like that. See what is in your craft boxes and bring your tag to life.

I put the varnish into a little organza bag which finished it off just perfectly.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 16th December 2014