Now I am no pro interior designer nor decorator, but I do love a challenge here and there. I have painted a few feature walls in the house but so far I hadn’t put any wallpaper up and it has been on my to do list for a long time, so I finally got around to doing it. Here is how to create your feature wall without all the tools of the trade: 

Choosing the right wallpaper

The first thing to do is obviously make the decisions. What colour do you want on your feature wall? Something that will fit in, otherwise you will want to spend money on re-painting the rest of the room and maybe even buying new furniture and I simply couldn’t afford to renovate my entire room so I chose a colour that worked, grey. After numerous websites and shops I discovered this fabulous Farrow & Ball Lattice wallpaper. I just loved it.  I love all of their patterns to be honest but when I saw this grey lattice pattern I knew it was the one. 

Preparation for wallpapering

When I do things like this, I become quite resourceful and also not fussy about doing it the “right” way as long as it all gets done. I didn’t use a wallpaper table, I didn’t even use a table. I didn’t have anything of that kind up the stairs and I couldn’t carry anything so I made do with the floor. I just used a bowl of Solvite all purpose wallpaper adhesive and a sponge to apply it to the wallpaper. It worked for me and I don’t believe it’s made a difference to the wallpaper on the walls at all. 

Applying the wallpaper

I cut the wallpaper strips that I needed, so they were just over the right length – this was so  I could make it straight and the perfect fit after the wallpaper was up. I dapped the Solvite paste onto the back of the wallpaper, making sure that all the back was covered. You can see when it is as the paper turns a darker colour. Once the wallpaper was ready I held the top of the wallpaper and climbed up the ladder, making sure I get the top right first time and using a brush (from a dust pan and brush set) I brushed out all of the air bubbles and made my way to the bottom. Once the bottom was more or less in place, I used a little gadget I got from putting wall stickers on and I smoothed out all of the remaining bubbles with it. Finally I trimmed the end, gently, so that the wallpaper was perfectly in position.  

I only used one and a half rolls of wallpaper to get the bedroom feature wall completed. It is the perfect way to add a huge statement to a room, especially if you are on a budget as you do not need to cover all four walls. At £85 a roll this was just perfect for a feature wall. It’s always nice having a lovely patterned feature wall, my lovely cherub ornament looks perfectly placed on my dressing table now. 


You can see all of the Farrow & Ball range on their website: Check out their inspiration pages there are some beautiful rooms with amazing coloured walls and patterned wallpapers. You can follow them on social media too: F&B Facebook page, follow them on Twitter using @FarrowandBall, I love their colourful Instagram feed and you can grab them on Pinterest and YouTube

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Last Update: Tuesday, 26th May 2015