5 things you probably didn’t know about your home

Some simple tips to improve things around your home: obvious things too! I walk around the house all of the time thinking about what I can do to improve it. But I rarely think about the health implications of décor or issues with having certain decorations around the house. Here are some useful tips on how to improve things around your home and why:


I have always had laminate flooring in the houses I have lived in, something my Mum always had in the downstairs of our home and we have always had pets. It is much easier to clean up after the pet hair on a laminate floor. We are currently living in a house with carpet in the living room and I have found that my allergies are building up. Did you know that your carpet can weigh 5 times heavier than when you originally had it laid? It layers up with dust mites, dead skin and the pet hair. It’s gross. If you have laminate flooring and you clean it regularly it is much better for you. It’s easier to clean too!


Wallpaper can be really hard to look after. In our bedroom we currently have a feature wall with Farrow & Ball wallpaper but we are also fighting a battle with mould on the walls. The corner of the wallpaper is coming up from the wall and creating a bubbling effect, you can see the mould underneath it too. After spraying it with mould killer and giving it a good clean it seems to be on the mend. Circulating air around the room seems to be keeping the mould at bay. Did you know inhaling mould can cause serious health issues? I have been poorly for quite some time due to this allergy and the mould in our bedroom. I did seek medical advice from the doctor about how to tackle this, if you are having health issues please do go to your GP.

Floor length curtains

It is well known that a cold house can cause health issues, eventually. Cold homes can also be prone to mould, which can lead into a lot of health issues as above. Installing floor length curtains can really help to keep the warm in and can help you save on the energy bills. Make sure the curtains touch the floor to ensure they keep the most amount of heat in. You can get curtains that have a special lining so that they do not fray after a lot of use. Did you know that around 35% of the heat in your house escapes through the walls and gaps around the windows? I was quite shocked to learn this. I constantly close the curtains to keep the heat in. I have purchased a few door stops too, to hopefully keep a little more heat in.


Changing your mattress is recommended every 8 years, according to recent research. I love my bed, I would spend every day in it if I could. Did you know that people produce 26 gallons of sweat, in bed, every year? It sounds so horrible when you lay the facts out so frankly! You can get sprays for the mattress to reduce odours and help protect it from developing bacteria. Flipping the mattress frequently will make sure that you sleep on different parts of the mattress, which can also help to not clog bacteria up over the years. I have seen quite a few adverts for mattresses at the moment, prompting customers to replace their mattresses. It seems to be a popular thing at the moment. You never know, you may be able to bag yourself a good deal.

Duckboard bath mat

I saw online recently that bathrooms home such a lot of dirt. Your toothbrush can harbour more dirt than the toilet seat. I am guessing that rather depends on the toothbrush and toilet in question! The good thing about a duckboard is that it doesn’t store all of the mites and dirt in, like a fabric mat would. You also have the added worry of stepping onto a fabric mat with wet feet, the damp could settle into the mat which could cause further issues. A duckboard is a great item for the bathroom, not only does it look stylish, but you can wipe it clean and dry it easily after use.

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