Over the years, Laser body hair removal treatment has quickly replaced the age-old solutions like tweezing, waxing and shaving. The reason is simple – the results are far better when compared to the ‘traditional’ body hair removal methods. This is something I have been considering a lot, as I have noticed during lockdown just how quickly my hair grows.

With that stated, it is best to keep in mind that one should be aware of some facts about the treatment. Here are some of the facts:

Cleaning the target areas before the treatment commences is a must!

It is always a good idea to trim the excess body hair from the areas in your skin that you will be subjecting to the laser hair removal London treatment. The laser beam burns up excess body hair and heats the hair follicular unit beneath the skin. This renders the follicular unit inert for a few weeks thus keeping it from forming new body hair strands. 

Trimming overgrown body hair is the way of the wise before heading over to the clinic/salon to get the treatment due to the following reasons – 

  • Excess body hair, if not trimmed, during treatment will come in the way of the beam and the skin surface thus causing the latter to suffer from irritation.
  • Excess body hair, when burnt by the laser beam, lets out a foul smell that you should keep yourself from smelling!

One should buy some new personal care products and stop some beauty regimes

You would need to head on over to a departmental store and purchase some new personal care products that do not contain the following –

  • Glycolic acid
  • Scrubbing particles
  • Retinol. 

You have to stop using personal care products that contain the aforementioned ingredients two days before your appointment. After you receive the treatment, avoid using said personal care products for at least four days to keep yourself from reeling under the effects of accelerated skin-irritation. 

You would need to stock up on a lot of moisturizers and face mists as a post laser body hair removal treatment skincare regime. It is natural for your skin to feel a bit parched – especially at the treated areas, after the treatment. Using face mists and moisturizers will restore the natural moisture content of your skin by many folds.

Note – 

After the treatment, you should steer clear from chemical-peel and fake-tan sessions for at least two weeks for the best results!

It is a great solution to end ‘in-grown’ body hair problem

One of the most irritating aspects of having body hair is to endure the pain and ugliness of ingrown hair. Laser hair removal treatment not only leaves one’s skin smooth and clear, but it also puts an end to ingrown body hair thus relieving one’s skin from irritation.

The treatment is not permanent as it needs to repeat after every three weeks. With that stated, the best part about the treatment is that it encourages hair follicles to produce hair that grows straight. This reduces the chances of one reeling from the discomfort of having ingrown hair on their skin! 

It is evident by now that people who choose laser body hair removal treatment over waxing, tweezing or shaving are taking a step in the right direction. For the best results, choose a renowned salon/clinic that offers this treatment. Reputed establishments use the latest equipment, have trained professionals and the establishment itself will be reliable. Thus chances of accidental burns and related undesirable results will be kept at bay.

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Last Update: Monday, 13th July 2020