Moving into a new, well-functioning home is an exciting time, and it’s always great to get the support of your loved ones during this time. It’s not necessarily about how expensive the gifts are; instead, it’s about the value they provide and the memories they help create. It’s not always easy to know what to get someone for their housewarming, but there are plenty of trendy gifts that will help show someone you wish them the best in their new space. I love planning fun housewarming presents, it’s even more fun when you really know the people moving too.

For the Alcohol Connoisseur

There are all sorts of nifty gadgets for your friends and family who appreciate a good cocktail. One housewarming gift that will really impress a new homeowner is a cocktail mixing machine. Most cocktail machines use different pods to mix bitters, liquor, and other ingredients to create the perfect cocktail. The best part is that these cocktails take minimal effort to make, so they can up their cocktail game in no time.

Home Decor

For the new homeowner with a proclivity for literature, you can find a great set of bookends to match their home decor and help them organize their library. If they’re not really into reading but appreciate a decorative gift, you can find cheap canvas pictures they can use to style their home. There are almost too many styles to choose from when it comes to decorative pieces in your home, which gives you a lot of ways to personalize your gift to complement your receiver’s personality and interests.

A Weighted Blanket

Every new homeowner needs a fluffy blanket to cuddle up with, especially during colder seasons. There are plenty of options, but weighted blankets are unique in their benefits. Weighted blankets are shown to reduce anxiety and stress, which are common problems today. It’s always nice to have a go-to blanket lying at the edge of your couch or bed, and a weighted blanket is a useful twist on an everyday object.

Air filter or New Plant

Depending on their needs and the home decor they already have, you can consider getting your friends or family an air filter in the form of either a machine or a plant. Plants are known to be efficient air filters, but sometimes it makes more sense to grab an electronic air filter. This is a thoughtful housewarming gift because you’re giving something that will provide an enjoyable living environment along with long-term health benefits.


If you’re buying for a new homeowner that you know is into cutting edge entertainment, a soundbar might be the perfect gift. It helps improve the quality and volume of all their devices, such as their tv and phone. There are plenty of options out there, and some even double as streaming devices. This might be a great feature to include if the person receiving your gift doesn’t have something set up. Fab techy housewarming presents can be really good if you know the person loves their gadgets.

Tea Set

Tea sets are making a comeback, and they certainly make an interesting and compelling gift if your loved one is into social activities with a decorative element. Not only are there some beautiful tea sets out there, but they also make sense when you’re spending a lot of time indoors.

Gift Bundles

When you just can’t decide on the right gift for someone, food is always a good last resort. Check out services that deliver interesting and unique gift bundles to match your giftee’s personality. A lot of them have exciting themes and come with a combination of whiskey, beef jerky, and much more.

Finding the right housewarming presents can be tricky, but hopefully, the items above will give you some different ideas when you’re looking for a useful and stylish gift to give. Depending on the person you’re shopping for, you might be better off giving something experiential, like a crate of mini gifts, but if you know your giftee well, why not splurge on a gift you know they can enjoy for years to come. Whatever you decide, the point is to give your loved ones a great start in a new home.

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  • Gemma Clark
    Friday, December 31, 2021

    Some great house warming ideas there. Thankyou!