We love playing board games, especially now the Winter is coming. We were asked to try Qwirkle and we loved it! Think mixing, matching and combine pot luck; then you have this game. It’s a great game for a Sunday afternoon, after a yummy roast dinner – or to play with the family over the Christmas period.

Qwirkle is all about the tiles; it’s a game of probability and getting the tiles on the table in the right place… at the right time. Each player starts off with 6 tiles and on each turn you get to take 3 actions; you can place your tiles on the table or replace your tiles if you cannot take a turn. The way I think of it is a cross between Scrabble and Dominoes where you have to match the tiles.

The idea of the game is to get the tiles in a grid; shapes along one row and colours in the columns. You can see a finished Qwirkle grid below. There are multiple tiles of each shape and colour, so you might have an orange circle and your opponent might have one too – it’s a race to get it on the table. This game helps with problem-solving and strategic thinking.

You can get Qwirkle from Coiled Spring for £23.99 – its a great gift idea for family members this Christmas. We played it with Nanny & Grandad and the kiddies, so it really does suit all ages. It’s perfect for when all the family are around. Do you have a favourite board game? I would love to know if you would like to try this game in the comments below.

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Last Update: Monday, 15th November 2021