Making cocktails at home is a lot of fun. Whether you like something boozy or you prefer a mocktail, learning how to make the classics and even inventing your own drinks is an excellent way to entertain yourself and impress guests. If you’re a beginner mixologist or you want to expand the skills that you do have, there are a few ways you could boost your cocktail game. A few little tips and tricks could easily raise the quality of your cocktails, ensuring they both look and taste fantastic. Here are some of the ways you could make your next party amazing with great cocktails.

Use the Right Glasses

It’s certainly not essential to have specific glasses for different cocktails. However, it really does make them look good if they’re in the glasses that they’re meant to be in. A good set of martini glasses or margarita glasses can give your cocktails a classic look. In fact, it can feel a bit strange to be served a martini in a tumbler or highball. The shape of the glass can even affect the flavour of the drink, so it’s worth paying attention. You don’t need to have 50 different glasses, but consider having some different shapes.

Invest in Quality

If you want to make a good cocktail, it’s worth having good ingredients. It might be cheaper to get bottom-shelf vodka, whiskey, and gin, but investing something just a little pricier can really pay off. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive stuff, either. Even just a mid-range can improve the taste of your drinks. Don’t skimp on the mixers, either, especially if you want to offer some non-alcoholic mocktails and mixed drinks. You can even buy non-alcoholic spirits if you want to have something a little different available.

Practice the Perfect Mix

Of course, a large part of making a cocktail is the actual mixing. Getting the proportions right and mixing or pouring it properly will affect what the final product tastes like. While you might not stick to exact measurements, it’s still important not to be too heavy-handed on any one ingredient. It’s acceptable to play around, but at some point, your cosmopolitan might not be a cosmo anymore if you don’t get the balance of flavours right. Of course, practice makes perfect, and that gives you a chance to sample lots of cocktails.

Jazz Up Your Garnishes and Presentation

What your cocktail looks like isn’t the most important thing, but it can certainly make you look more impressive. Good presentation makes you look like you know what you’re doing, even if it will only get you so far. From salting the rim of your glass to adding an olive or a garnish of herbs or fruit, you can really make your cocktails look fantastic. Start with some beautiful glasses and go from there. You can do so much more than a cocktail umbrella.

Make amazing cocktails at your next party with these tips on presentation and flavour. Your guests are sure to be impressed.

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