Most people agree with the adage that ‘home is where the heart is.’ That’s because the home is more than just a place; it’s a feeling—a collection of memories that evokes happiness and warmth. When you’re out and about, or feel stressed at work, thinking about home helps lift your mood instantly. However, with some workers still stuck in the work-at-home arrangement, staying indoors these days may just have the opposite effect. Luckily, you can make these simple changes to turn any room into a vibrant living space that’s teeming with positive vibes.    

  1. Introduce Indoor plants

There are many factors that influence indoor air pollution. Your air filters may need replacement or outside pollution may enter your premises unnoticed. It doesn’t help that your cleaning and other home products release hazardous chemicals that endanger your respiratory system.

Placing some houseplants in strategic areas at home helps filter your air and aids in improving your indoor air quality. If you’re breathing cleaner air, you’ll have less to worry about your health, allowing you to sleep well and feel better.    

  1. Bring In Some Flowers

Anything related to nature can give you an instant emotional boost. Whether your cultivating, giving, receiving, or simply admiring them from afar, flowers serve as natural mood enhancers. 

The act of surprising your loved ones with fresh blooms, with the help of fast flower delivery services, makes you feel good. And, without a doubt, the act also brings a huge smile to their faces.     

The vibrant colors and fragrant scent can enhance your mood in many ways. A research conducted by Rutgers, New Jersey’s State University, revealed that flowers can help set off happiness, improves the feeling of satisfaction, and impact the social behavior of a person in a positive manner.  

So, go ahead and bring in a bouquet to brighten your space and lift your mood in an instant. 

  1. Clean Up 

Having a stack of documents on your table or a pile of clothes on the floor isn’t just unsightly, it can ruin your mood, too. Apart from attracting pests and dust mites, the mess in your room can cause you to subconsciously worry and get distracted. 

Thus, keeping your home neat and tidy can help bring in a sense of safety and calm. If you’re clean and declutter your living spaces, you’re getting rid of the negative energy that’s often tied to unwanted and broken items. 

  1. Apply Wallpaper

Applying new wallpaper  gives you the flexibility that repainting your room can’t provide. The only advantage for the latter is its durability. That being said, the entire ambiance of your living space can be dictated by your design theme. Before choosing a wallpaper color, design, or texture, check whether it melds with the colors of your fixtures and the entire layout of the room.   

In choosing colors, consider how the hues affect your mood. Generally speaking, blue and green express calmness, while red is best for boosting your energy. For patterns, a small bedroom will benefit if you stick with simple designs. Inversely, large and wide patterns can accentuate a spacious room.

  1. Let More Light In

Light can illuminate and produce an airy feel in any room. And as far as your mood is concerned, daylight exposure can help decrease sleepiness and make you more alert. When you’re alert and able to concentrate better, you’ll accomplish more tasks enjoy a brighter day—literally. If your windows are quite small, install artificial lighting that you can adjust to boost your mood.

  1. Fill Your Space With Happy Thoughts 

Looking at a photograph of a loved one instantly makes you happy, doesn’t it?  So will filling your space with other decorations that make you happy. There’s no limit to what you can put on the wall or your table. It can be anything with sentimental value—a painting by a friend, your parents’ birthday gift, or a wall décor from a foreign country you’ve previously visited. If you surround yourself with anything that cheers you up, it’ll be easier for you to stay in a positive mood while you’re at home.   

  1. Practice Aromatherapy

Essential oils can uplift your mood instantly with their aromatic fragrances. If you want to feel better instantly, fill your diffuser with relaxing essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, or peppermint. Once you inhale these oils, you’ll feel much better about being at home.     

Aromatherapy may also be effective in relieving stress and pain, especially if used in conjunction with massage therapy. 

The Bottom Line 

There are different ways to perk up your mood at home. But the universal theme is to engage in things that make you happy: being close to nature, decluttering, practicing aromatherapy, and staying close to objects that remind you of beloved people or events. There is nothing better than being able to lift your mood, in your own home.

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