A home with an internal and external space can serve many benefits to its residents. By creating a stronger connection between your house’s indoor and outdoor areas, you can let extra natural light reach inside the house and create an illusion of more space. You can encourage the flow between the spaces. Internal glazed doors offer one such venue of unprecedented connectivity that also enhances the attributes of your home. 

Whether you wish for inspiration or plan to start a renovation project, these ideas will give you an excellent way to bridge internal and external areas of your home.

1.    Create a Seamless Flow

A sizeable pivoting glass door makes an imposing entry by itself – but when you pair it with a rear wall of glass doors, the light flows magnificently. When you lay similar flooring material, it creates a beautiful and uninterrupted flow all the way from the front to the back of your home. This kind of artistic representation makes a handsome visage and wows the visitors.

2.    Add a Corner Window

It is time to break away from the archaic four-walls-plus-windows design. You do not have to change it much. Just install a corner window, and you will feel a world of a difference. Enjoying the view from this spot will likely become a highlight of your home. If there is a spectacular view from your home, that’s the place to put the window.

The corner window does not just provide excellent views of the surrounding vistas. They also bring the outdoors in, even if the view merely extends to your backyard.

3.    Give Your Garden a Private Entrance

Relaxing in a small garden off your bedroom can be a fantastic activity. Sliding doors with glass panels allow you to appreciate the view while working around the house. They also let extra sunshine in. You may want to consider sectioning off a portion of your yard with small shrubs, flowers, plants, trees and a fence for privacy. You may even install a swing for the kids. A water feature will give another serene touch to the garden and help mask the noise from your neighbours.

4.    Shelter the Space Outdoors

Separate space outdoors is lovely to enjoy when the weather is pleasant. However, having a separate covered space right next to your house is a most welcome convenience. You can add a seating area, install a fireplace and sit back to drink your coffee while watching the pitter-patter of rain from your cosy perch. Make sure to install weather-resistant doors, so they do not deteriorate within a few years.

5.    Install a Family Room With Doors

You can install a family room on the ground floor. It can be enhanced with an accordion door, pocket doors or even a garage door. The trick is to ensure these doors can be completely pulled away to let the indoors and out blend. An immediate connection to the outdoors can help lure the kids away from their electronic devices and into an impromptu game of tag.

It does not take much effort to change the complete outlook of your home, only a few clever ideas. We love creating spaces in our family home, these are great ideas to get started.

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Last Update: Monday, 3rd May 2021