Dark interior design has become a lot more popular in recent years, with more homeowners opting for a more dramatic interior design. Dark design schemes can create the perfect backdrop for furniture and artwork that features bolder colours to make them pop. Likewise, a darker piece of furniture, such as a black chest of drawers, can be styled out with brightly coloured vases, lamps and other decorative elements for a unique look.ย I love the dark decor in people’s home.

Using dark decor will also help to make your home feel larger. While many homeowners are focused on creating bright, airy interiors, savvy designers are bringing gothic back. Atmospheric living rooms, moody bedrooms and inky kitchen designs are making a comeback and can allow your home to take on a whole new look and feel. As well as having an impact when it comes to design, dark decor is also practical, helping to hide blemishes, fingerprints and other marks on your interior walls. 

Letโ€™s take a look at a few simple tips to help you to create an interior you will love, using dark decor elements. 

Consider Black Bathroom Tiles

To add a touch of class and sophistication to your bathroom, consider adding black wall tiles for a dramatic finish. Bold, dark coloured tiles make a statement and can look incredibly glamorous. Contrasting black tiles with gold or white towels and other fixtures can create a beautiful finished look in any bathroom. Black tiles can also be added to the worktop, kitchen splashbacks and other areas of your home to create a unique look in your home. 

Paint Your Ceiling Dark

White is the go-to colour choice for ceilings in homes all over the world. The thinking behind the popularity of white ceilings is due to the fact that they are supposed to make your walls look taller, and therefore make the room look bigger. However, painting your ceilings and walls a darker colour can, in fact, have the exact same effect. When your walls and ceiling are both painted in a dark tone, it will disguise where the walls end and the ceiling begins, making it feel like there is more space in your room. 

Use Lots Of Contrasting Colours

The key to effective interior dark design concepts is using lots of bold, bright contrasting colours throughout your home. Dark walls and furniture will make the colours pop, creating more drama in your design. Bold, pastel shades work great. Lampshades, curtains, furniture, decorative fittings and even your cups, kitchen utensils and dinner plates can all be purchased in bright colours to create a modern, unique and attractive design in your home. 

Choose Warm Lighting

Opting to light your rooms with soft, warm lighting is always the best solution for darker interior designs. Choose lampshades that create the right ambience, casting a soft light around your space. Consider installing a dimmer switch and trying out different types of lighting and light sources to find a solution that will best fit your space. Candles can also be a great addition to any dark decor, helping to enhance that moody atmospheric vibe that you have created. 

Make Dark Decor Work For You And Create An Interior You Love

To create a unique interior design that you can be proud of, be sure to consider a design using darker hues but with plenty of contrast. Dark decor can be adapted to work with just about any style aesthetic. Whether your homeโ€™s interior is modern industrial, minimalist or vintage, you can find ways to incorporate dark decor into your interior design and create a look and feel inside your home that you will truly love.

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