With more technology, entertainment and gadgets than ever before, it’s very difficult to keep kids entertained and happy without the latest in new toys and accessories. Many parents get stressed out over the price tags attached to these items when the holidays arrive, but thankfully, not all of the latest in gadgets and items are exorbitantly pricey. Most generations of kids were entertained with very inexpensive toys and gifts – it’s all a matter of perception and perspective. Today, we’ll talk about five unique treats from the past that kids today will absolutely adore if they find their way into their gift bags on Halloween, birthdays or during the holidays.

Treats from the past


Glow sticks

If there’s one thing that all younger kids absolutely love, it’s sensory stimulation. Flashing lights, loud sounds and other forms of entertainment make for an exciting time for kids (and sometimes, a stressful time for parents). Glow sticks, however, are minimally irritating, very affordable, and will absolutely thrill your younger children. For the cost of a meal at a local restaurant, you can pick up plenty of glow sticks in a variety of colours and shapes (the standard glow sticks are quite popular, but you can also find glow stick-styled bracelets and necklaces, among other things).

Retro sweets

Kids. Love. Candy. It’s just a fact. Candy may be the only item that kids have enjoyed across all generations and time periods. A variety of older candies and sweets can be found online and in select stores (click here to see A Quarter Of’s retro sweets offerings). Added to any Halloween bag or holiday sampler, you’re sure to generate plenty of excitement with fizzy cola bottles, bubble gum, wax teeth and fangs, and more.


Every few years or so, the age-old yo-yo seems to make a comeback and find its way onto kids’ toy wish-lists. Yo-yos are unique in that they can provide plenty of fun without the need for advanced technological capabilities. Every generation finds it fun to learn how to “walk the dog”, “rock the baby” and a variety of other yo-yo tricks. Since most yo-yos are very, very affordable, you want break the bank with a gift like this for a child of any age.

Temporary tattoos

Anything that leaves a mark, makes a noise or worries parents is guaranteed to be a hit with kids, but temporary tattoos are a wonderful compromise in this area. Easily washed off with a bit of soap, water and scrubbing, temporary tattoos can be purchased for next to nothing in mass quantities and used to keep children entertained all year long. Whether you’re stuffing them into a candy bowl for Halloween or placing them in birthday party treat bags, these will be an absolute hit that generations of kids have enjoyed.

Noise makers

Also known as kazoos (and perhaps most recently, the vuvuzela in South America), noise making toys have been around for decades. Their popularity is linked to the fact that kids love to make noise and absolutely love to make noise with each other. Cheap, easily stored, and made of durable plastic, most noise makers are the perfect combination of safety, fun and durability for the average kid.

I love these treats from the past and I also think they are a great idea for party bags! Do you have any treats from the past that your kids love now?

Old toys image by Shutterstock.

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Last Update: Friday, 8th January 2016