Getting the children’s bedroom perfect has always been a big thing for me. I grew up with fantastic bedrooms; my Mum would always paint murals on the walls, and I would always have matching curtains and bedding, it was a big thing. I have taken that on for my kids and I do the same for them now.

Matching linen

I love getting matching items for the bedrooms; when we redecorated the children’s bedrooms, I tried to match up curtains, bed linen and the light shades. I went for a blue and green theme in Noah’s bedroom as those were his favourite colours. Going for coloured themes means you can be flexible with patterns and update it when you want. With Isla I went with a pink and purple theme, however she now loves light blue and so I am trying to incorporate some of that colour too.

Personalised mural

I love being creative. As a child I had lots of paintings on my wall, that my Mum did. I remember in my younger childhood bedroom, I had Winnie-The-Pooh on the wall with all of this friends, on the other wall I had Mowgli and Jungle Book characters. I loved it. I did a Disney mural in one of our previous houses. I kept it simple in this house. With Noah I painted blocks of colour on the wall to bring the walls to life a little. And I painted this beautiful rainbow on Isla’s wall. It really breaks up the walls and looks fun.

Comfortable mattress

It’s not all about the look of the room, it’s the feel of it too. Especially your child’s bed! You want them to have the best sleep possible and having a comfortable mattress is the best way to achieve this. A full size mattress will mean your child has enough room to move about in their sleep, a breathable mattress will ensure their temperature is regulated too.

Fun storage

My favourite place for storage has always been IKEA. There is always something to fit every sized room and there are different shaped items too. The Kallax range has been perfect for storing everything in the kids’ rooms, since they were children. They work together too; in Noah’s room I have stacked 2 units on top of each other. The boxes are a great way to hide messy items too!

A place to study

Having a place to study has become essential as the children have got older. They currently have homework, at Junior School, but I know as soon as they get to secondary school this will ramp up. Isla sits at her desk and does her homework, but also has creative sessions too; she writes stories, draws, and makes. It is so nice to see her working at her space, it has almost inspired her to be more creative.

How do you make your children’s bedroom perfect? Do you like to be creative or make it as simple as possible? I would love to know in the comments below.

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  • Gemma Clark
    Sunday, December 26, 2021

    This is top of my list of to do things in the new year. Been looking at an awesome high sleeper with built in desk draws and wardrobe. With very little space in my daughters room we need to utilize the space as much as possible.