Remodelling a home can be a daunting task. However, in the following short article, we’ll give you a brief but informative breakdown of how this can be achieved! I have loved seeing the progression we have made with our home, remodelling and redecorating along the way. It has been quite therapeutic at times.

First, let’s consider how a kitchen can be renovated. You may want to replace appliances and utilities in your kitchen with new, modern and perhaps even smart products. 

In the case of smart appliances/utilities, this will allow you far more control over your kitchen than you’ve ever had before as well as truly bringing your home into the digital era!

When it comes to the walls, the most suited colours are arguably lightly toned ones such as light green, beige, lavender, aqua, pale grey and soft blue. Ultimately though, it will depend on what your preferences are and the appearance of the room.

You can also give your kitchen a new lease of life through new fittings such as with a TV, chairs, table or a kitchen island. Rolling, cabinet, and double-tiered kitchen islands are some of the most popular choices.

You should also think about adding new countertops to your kitchen to help with its improvements.

What about the floors? Would you like new floorboards installed, such as for laminate, softwood, hardwood or vinyl flooring? As you can already see, there are plenty of ways that a room can be given a complete makeover.

For a bathroom, there are plenty of fixtures that you may wish to replace whether it be a shower, toilet, sink or bath.

When it comes to the floors, some of the most popular types are natural stone, cement, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

As with a kitchen, light colours are arguably the best to add to the walls such as through painting or with new wallpaper! The same is true with a bedroom.

In terms of a bedroom, you’ll probably give weight to flooring options such as carpet, area rugs, laminate and timber. 

As for the furniture, you may wish to have a new bed added whether it is a double, queen or king-sized bed. If you’re looking to save on space, you should consider a storage or fold-up bed! Other ways you can improve your bedroom are with fitted wardrobes or a new chest of drawers.

According to HomeHow, it will likely cost you several thousand pounds per room for a full renovation.

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