Minimalism has been one of the biggest trends in interiors for several years, flooding Pinterest interiors boards and dominating Instagram home inspiration pages. Minimalist decor revolves around simplicity and using neutral colour schemes rather than decor that’s too bold or fussy. Several property companies like RW Invest utilise this trend in the apartments, with wooden floors and simple colour schemes throughout the space. While minimalism isn’t for everyone, it is a great style of decor to go for if you want to live in a space with a calming, clutter-free feel. If you’re keen to give your home a minimalist makeover, take a look at these top tips.

Think neutral shades

Minimalist decor focuses on neutral colour schemes rather than bright and busy colours or patterns. If you want to transform your home into a minimalist paradise, strip old patterned wallpaper, paint over any bright colours, and repaint with shades like white, grey, or light beige. Stick to neutral shades, but steer clear of paint colours like magnolia as this has yellow based tones that can make the space look dull. If you feel the room looks too bland, you can always add a pop of colour to liven things up. Think about new furniture pieces you can add to the space that will complement this neutral colour scheme and add to the minimal feel. If you have sofas or wooden furniture that you don’t think will work, think about how you can update your existing furnishings with minimal throws and cushions, and re-paint any old furniture in a gorgeous neutral shade. 

Use texture and pattern

Inserting some textural details is a good way to liven up your neutral interiors. Think throws and lampshades with subtle patterns, side tables with carved textures, and floor rugs with bold details. Accessorising in this way will stop your minimal space looking too cold and help add some personality. 

Utilise space

One thing you never see in a minimal interior is clutter. Make sure you have some good storage options to keep bits and bobs out of sight. You could do this with woven baskets for small items, or larger pieces of furniture like ottoman coffee tables. 

Add artwork

Along with furnishings and accessories, adding artwork to your home is another great way to bring some colour or detail to a minimal colour scheme. Lookfor artwork with a more minimal aesthetic, but with hints of colour. There are lots of places you can buy artwork and prints online, many of which feature simple and stylish illustrations or paintings that will look perfect in your space. 

Make use of light

Lastly, once you’ve sorted your minimalist decor and furnishings, you need to brighten up the spacewith some light. Remove curtains, pull up blinds, and let as much daylight in as possible. You can put up blinds and curtains if needed, try and make sure they’re madefrom more sheer material that won’t keep the light out. When it’s dark, add some lamps with modern and sophisticated designs, and light candles for a cosy, ambient feel. 

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Last Update: Monday, 28th January 2019