Week two into the 40 Days of Fitness challenge with DW Fitness clubs,  the #FitnessRevolution continues. I am finding the exercises easier to do each time and as the days go on I am feeling happier, and most importantly: a lot less dependent on tea and sugar. That is a major step in itself.

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Wednesday 25th February – 25 minutes

Walk for 25 minutes. I did this whilst walking the dogs, first thing in the morning when I was feeling fresh and instead of sitting down with my usual cup of tea and spoon of sugar, I went for a walk.

Thursday 26th February – 3 sets of squats with 60 second rest in between

20 reps.

Friday 27th February – Plank

35 seconds. Not an incredible rise, but better. Which for me is a positive step in the right direction.

Saturday 28th February – 3 minute #SaturdayChallenge

Beat the times last week for each activity, which was:

Jump squats – 10 in a minute.

Star jumps – 30 in a minute.

Sit ups – 5 in a minute.

Sunday 1st March – Rest day

Gentle stretches.

Monday 2nd March – 3 sets of each exercise

– 10 chair squats (sit and stand up with arms raised at a 90degree angle)
– 10 modified press ups (use your knees)
– 15 step ups (Can use your stairs or sturdy box)

Tuesday 3rd March – Ingredient of the week: Sweet Potato

[yumprint-recipe id=’25’]What is on the agenda for the next week then:

Wednesday 4th March – Intervals, continue for 20 minutes

Interval training helps to challenge your body and increase overall endurance.

                Beginner                – 2 minute walk, 1 minute jog

Thursday 5th March – 3 sets of press ups with 60 second rest in between

                Beginner                – 10 modified press ups (use your knees)

Friday 6th March – Plank

Check your results from last week and try beat them this week.

Time to beat: 35 seconds.

Saturday 7th March – 1 minute #SaturdayChallenge

Jump squats, star jumps and sit ups, beat last week’s reps and see how well you’re doing!

Jump squats:   10 in a minute                                 

Sit ups:   5 in a minute                                                  

Star jumps:     30 in a minute                                           

Sunday 8th March – Rest day

We will most probably take a leisurely stroll somewhere.

Monday 9th March – Stairs only!

Take the stairs today instead of the lift or escalator. If you don’t encounter any stairs today, find some! Or use the stairs in your home. An average flight of stairs is roughly 12 steps, if you choose to complete this challenge on a step machine.

                Beginner                – 5 flights of stairs

Tuesday 10th March – Ingredient of the week: Quinoa

 I have never even heard of Quinoa before so this will be interesting.

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