This week has been quite hard, in a number of ways… Firstly because Noah wasn’t walking, it meant a lot of picking him up and carrying him to places, it also effected the way he plays because he was depending on me to entertain him more so than normal. This did get better throughout the week & I can safely say he’s been walking around all day today for the first time, well, hobbling along is more appropriate!

I haven’t been feeling any pains or anything like that but I have been feeling extremely exhausted this week, more so than last week & I have also been getting tightenings again. Not so much breathtaking or painful, just more uncomfortable at the moment. It’s quite uncomfortable at night when I’m lying in bed, it gets really hard and I cannot seem to get into a good position.

Another reason why the weeks been hard is the exhaustion, like I mentioned before: I am so tired, its getting to about 3:30pm in the afternoon and I just want to snooze for an hour or so, which sometimes I can do…. But the majority of the time I can’t. I suppose this is the only problem with pregnancy number 2, a toddler to care for & a job!

One cute thing that’s happened this week, is Noah & the bump! If I say to Noah now where’s baby? He points at my belly and on a few occasions, he’s kissed my belly, to kiss baby. I’m not 100% sure what he thinks “baby” is but it’s very cute and I’m hoping it will all help for the welcome home with a newborn. Ive been Thinking a lot about how to introduce them and someone mentioned to me to not be holding newborn when I first see Noah, to give Noah a hug & kisses first then introduce him to the new edition… So that it’s my Noah meeting his new brother or sister. I’m very worried about Noah at the moment, I really don’t want him to feel left out in any way shape or form, so it’s my top priority, apart from feeding and looking after a tiny human again.

I wonder if it will look like Noah? I am excited to find out what colour it’ll be! Not long to find out I suppose.


Bumpometer update
weight: 9 st 7 still
Measurement: 101.5 cms

Midwife appointment on Monday, 37 week check
5 days of work left, over next 2 weeks
3 weeks until due date!!!

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