It certainly has been a rough start to our 32 weeks with little bump Constant, after picking up a bug Friday morning and being ill all weekend – which meant that I didn’t eat all weekend and had an unhappy bump, I am glad to say that we are all better now.

Because I was 32 weeks pregnant and caught a sickness bug, I did panic quite a bit! I was worried that the baby would be hurt because of the actions of being sick and also that the bump would not get any nutrition because I wasn’t eating or keeping down anything, even water. The midwives told me to go into hospital if I didn’t start to keep down water, because they will want to check on me and make sure I am not dehydrated. Thankfully from Saturday evening, I managed to start drinking water and nibbling on food again, then Sunday I woke up with an appetite. It felt so good to actually wake up with an appetite, especially as I had missed out on some yummy meals cooked by Hubby.

Bump movements did slow down over Saturday afternoon/evening, but they soon picked up on Sunday morning again, and now we are all back to normal. So thankfully we are all OK; we are seeing the midwife this week though instead of week 34, I guess they want to make sure that we “are” OK?


Bumpometer update
weight: 9 st
Measurement: 97 cms

After stating last week that in 3 weeks time my best friends sister will be having her twins, change that to she had them yesterday! Both Mummy and twins are doing fine, I am sure she wont mind me sharing her photo of the beautiful little girlies and yes I am soooo excited about seeing them both: Olivia Abi & Elle Mai, welcome to the world!!!

This week – Mothers Day & Mumma’s birthday
3 weeks – Easter and a perfect excuse to eat a LOT of chocolate
6 weeks left at work!
7 weeks on Saturday until due date


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1 Comment
  • Katie
    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better – what an awful weekend 🙁

    Little Olivia Abi & Elle Mai look gorgeous! I bet you must be feeling pretty impatient about meeting baby Constant number 2 now!