For as long as anyone can remember, getting your beauty rest meant getting enough sleep so that your body was refreshed and healthy upon awakening. Even though we still know that the human body does need enough sleep to maintain good health, there are now treatments that we use overnight without taking time from our busy days. You no longer need to paste those green masks over your face until they crack and dry and you can even straighten your teeth while you sleep! If you are looking for easier ways to maintain a youthful glow to your skin or keep brittle hair from breaking every time you brush it, the following nighttime treatments really can give new meaning to that old, worn expression, “beauty rest.”

1. Pillows That Reduce Age Lines

There are pillows on the market that have been clinically tested and are said to have the ability to reduce age lines on the face in just four weeks. The ‘secret’ ingredient is copper peptides woven into the satiny fibers and it is said that the copper smooths those age lines. There are also skincare creams that have copper alloy in them, but those you apply during the day. This is a nighttime treatment that works while you sleep.

2. Nighttime Invisible Braces

Now, if you want something that really does do what it is supposed to do, it would be clear aligners that are worn at night while you sleep. They work the same as the invisible braces worn during the day but the only difference is that your clock is switched. With nighttime invisible braces, you go about your day without braces, reducing the amount of time you need to wear braces during the day. In fact, invisible braces are designed specifically for those who want to go about their day unencumbered by braces yet need to straighten their teeth. Night only clear braces give you the freedom to eat, talk, laugh and spend your day free from worry about getting anything stuck in your braces or worrying that someone will see that you are even wearing them. Check out orthodontist London for more information on how to use these and book an appointment.

3. Nighttime Hydrating Masks

A nighttime hydrating mask is formulated in such a way that there will be no oily residue on your pillow. These are essentially creams and not oils which soak into the skin almost immediately and continue working throughout the night while you get your ‘beauty rest’ in more ways than one. Simply wash your face or shower them off in the morning and your face will be smooth and supple. Doesn’t that beat sitting there with creams plastered on your face for hours before bedtime?

As mentioned above, there are also treatments for the hair which you comb through at night before retiring and, in the morning, you will notice your hair is soft and easily brushed or combed. Some of these formulations are meant to be washed out in the morning and others are meant to be left in until you shower later in the day. From pillows to hair treatments, there are so many things you can use while you are sleeping so that your free time during the day is just that – free! Why spend hours on beauty treatments when you can simply sleep those wrinkles away? Believe it or not, they all work, so why not give it a go!

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  • ashleigh
    Wednesday, January 12, 2022

    The pillows sound great!