Is watching One Born Every Minute a good idea?

I keep asking myself this question every week, yet every week I seem to be watching it! So I suppose in a round about way that is answering my question… I wouldnt be watching it, if I didnt want to and there must be a reason for me wanting to watch it!!

With Noah, I was quite out of it during the latter parts of labour, gas & air and Pethadine helped alot with that and easing the pain off. In a way, watching OBEM gives me a little insight as to what was going on in that delivery room and why Noah was taken away from me straight away… It all seems so surreal now looking back, which I think is why I like watching OBEM. It makes me understand what went on and why the midwives and pediatrician did what they did, as many other mummies have gone through similar things! The midwives were right in saying that I wasn’t alone or abnormal and that things were going to be OK, at the time I didnt quite feel like that. 🙂

I must admit that out of the two extremes of mummies to be giving birth this week, I was definately in the middle. I certainly wasnt quiet and kept myself as contained as one lady, but I wasnt screaming the hospital down like the other. Its nice to know that everyone is different, but at the same time everyone still has their own experiences that they go through and own traumas, which can be very similar to some one else’s.

Every single time a baby is born, regardless of the ones that come out screaming (like you’d expect) or the ones that come out quiet and need a little assistance, I cry! I can’t help it, something chokes me everytime I see it and I feel overwhelmed. I think at this point of giving birth to Noah I was not paying attention to what was going on because I was quite “high” and I vaguely remember them plonking Noah on my chest before whipping him away after 20 seconds, I specifically remember the midwife didn’t let go of him and me thinking “oh ok, that’s my baby, now he’s gone?”. Maybe that part of OBEM makes me cry and feel emotional so much, because I wish I had had that with my own experiences. When the mummies get to cuddle their little babies straight away and have that initial bond it must be so magical, not to say that having Noah wasnt magical, but it was just different for me. I do remember after about an hour after giving birth, I was still lying there staring at the hospital room lights and my I remember my Mumma telling me that I looked beautiful, which made me laugh and then I started to come back down to earth! I needed toast, tea and a shower!!! I got my little man cub back after a further 2 hours, and by that time I was tired, but back to my Sonia self…

Amazing really what these midwives have to deal with everyday, the different people and different babies. Its so much and such a hard job, so much pressure, I know I couldnt do it. I have a lot of respect for them.

So I suppose that is why I watch OBEM and yes I think it is a good idea for me 🙂


Looking forward to meeting baby numero 2 now!



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  • I love OBEM, I was very lucky with my two births and watching OBEM makes me realize just how lucky I was. Big Bird was a perfect birth, I had a her at home and it all went perfect from start to finish. Little Bird was not the birth I planned it was a rush at the end to get him out but when I look back at his, it was nothing compared to what some fabulous mummies go through. Massive respect to midwives they do a fantastic job x

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