Today has literally been CRAP! I had a phone call at lunchtime telling me to get home as the house was flooding! WHAT??! I got home to a completely ruined conservatory full of furniture, toys and 95% of our towels ruined. It took Anglian Water 6 hours to get to us, hubby had to sweep the water out of the back door constantly else the kitchen would have flooded too. Apparently there was a blockage in the main sewage pipes 50 metres to the right of our house, we are the end of the line and therefore cop it if there is a blockage. He managed to clear it which was great, but unfortunately the blockage has blocked our internal plumbing which means we have to wait until tomorrow before it can be sorted! Our house stinks. Sewage all over our belongings and furniture – its disgusting! Why can’t people just throw things away instead of put everything down the toilet? It doesn’t disappear into thin air! *rant over*

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Last Update: Monday, 20th February 2017

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