Its week 12 and Isla has been a busy bee this week, also a little monkey! Complete shock the second time around, especially as Noah was quite literally the perfect little baby. Isla is very much not playing ball for mummy. We were beginning to crack nightimes on holiday, for the whole 2 week holiday Isla was only waking up around 5/6am which was fabulous because I was getting quite a bit of sleep. This week Isla has had other ideas: she has been getting up at 1/2am and 4/5am every night wanting milk! Why are we going backwards? I’m confused! The health visitor came to visit yesterday and after I put the tears away (oh the joys of being tired!) she explained that Isla may be in the middle of a growth spurt and that may be why she is waking up the extra time.


She is a little grazer at the moment too, I am not really sure how she got into this habit, but she only ever drinks 2 oz of milk at a time and every 2 hours in the daytime. Its so odd. Again, completely the opposite to Noah he was like clockwork and exactly what it said on the tin – the right oz’s at the right time. My advice from the HV is to try and get her to go longer inbetween feeds to break the cycle and as if by magic yesterday afternoon she napped for 2.5 hours and then had a 5oz bottle between 5and6pm, which is a complete change around. I hope this is a sign of things to come, positive mental attitude and all that!


Today, on her 12th week  birthday, we went to Nanna’s and then to great grandmas and Isla got to finally meet her Great Uncle Stephen. He was so chuffed to see her and spent a rather glorious 2 hours with her whilst mummy had a break herself… its not very often that happens!


I don’t know why but I got the urge to put Isla in the spaceship tonight, it was so funny watching her – she was standing up in it, pressing the keys to make them light up and her face was a picture! She was amazed, love her facial expressions.

Weight Progress – she now weighs a very iccle 10lb 5oz

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Last Update: Thursday, 2nd August 2012