We woke up and Deano looked and seemed completely fine. Normal. Which was great. We got a phone call at 9:15am, could we get to the stroke clinic for 9:45am. WOW! So off we went to hospital. The stroke clinic Dr’s were great, they spoke to him about what happened yesterday and asked him if he had experienced a migraine before. Which he hasn’t. 

The doctor was basically saying he cannot be sure if it was a severe migraine or this TIA. As Dean had never had a migraine before they are treating it like a TIA. Which is this mini stroke. He said we had to go and have some tests done, including: ultrasound of his arteries, MRI scan and another set of blood tests. 

The doctor explained that 1 of 2 things will now happen: The MRI results will determine if it was indeed a mini stroke or not. So if we do not hear from the doctor again, it wasn’t a mini stroke. If it is, then we will. If it was a severe migraine then he will just write to the GP who will provide Dean with a plan. We need to make sure triggers are not triggered etc. 

I had no idea a migraine could do this to someone. I have had migraines for years, all my life, but nothing like what happened to Dean yesterday. It is crazy! But the doctor explained they are all linked, migraines are to do with the electrical activity in your brain. I did not know that. 

So now we wait for his MRI results, keeping a close eye on him. The next few weeks he is at risk of a stroke, so we need to keep an eye on him. He’s got to take it easier for 4 weeks and is not allowed to drive. Which he does feel frustrated about, he is a very independent and fit (and handsome haha) man. So I know he is going to find the next 4 weeks really hard. I am just grateful that it wasn’t worse and he is back to normal. 

Thank you NHS for looking after my husband so well. I am also very proud of Dean, he has been so strong throughout all of this. He holds it together all the time and makes me super proud. I am feeling a little emotional, as you can imagine, sorry for all the slushy stuff! 🙂 

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Last Update: Saturday, 13th October 2018