What’s better, the warmth of the British summer sun kissing your skin on the beach, or the thrill of a roller coaster ride plunging out of the sky? Yeah, it’s a toss-up for us too. (Or not… Sorry kids, sun, sand and sea every time!) Fortunately, whether you’re a beach girl or thrill fanatic, summer and the kids summer holidays is now just luring around the corner and I think it’s time that we got planning.  

On the other hand if, like me, you’re suggestions for summer fun just do not compete with the kid’s suggestions of Harry Potter world or all things Legoland then you must check out this super helpful ebook. With all suggestions, activities and destinations put forward by over 100 of the finest British parenting bloggers, the book is full of tried and tested ideas each of which has been suggested with a tight budget and ultimate fun front of mind.

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If you’ve read my blog before then you will know that I’m huge fan of anything nature and the outdoors and that’s why my suggestion for the book was get creative at Paxton Pits reserve. I wrote:

“One of our favourite spots is Paxton Pits. It is free and full of nature, fresh air and places to explore. The children enjoy the freedom and it spurs on creative moments, like a game of eye spy across the lake or a spot of den building.”
No doubt I will be back at Paxton Pits Reserve this summer. I love that the kids get outdoors and into the fresh air, the kids love the space to run and be free and how can you not love the budget ice creams afterwards?”

One of my favourites from the book was crafting crazy ice lollies by Kim at NorthumberlandMam.co.uk. She wrote

“We like to make our own creative selection of ice lollies. The best we made were using lolly moulds from the pound shop and filled them with a range of fizzy pops like pink lemonade and then added Haribo bears. It can be quite a cheap and fun way to cool down on a hot day.”

I think the little ones will love creating these super sweet lollies and I can just imagine their excitement on a summer’s day.

Let me know your favourite activity or destination from the book!

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Last Update: Thursday, 9th June 2016