So we have now got to the 10 weeks stage, double figures, it sounds so scary, but I think 2 and a half months old sounds a little scarier. If I’m honest. Weve been enjoying our summer family holiday in Ibiza and I’m happy to say Isla has been very good and seems to have herself into some sort of routine!


At the moment she’s only having a small amount of milk (not the recommended) and I’m assuming it’s because of the heat. I tried to feed her more a few times and she has just been mammothly sick all over me. So I’m not going to try and give her more, she’s a dinky donut with a dinky belly… Of course she’s not going to want loads.

Just another difference between her & Noah. He was a greedy baby, on hungry baby formula and baby rice in night time feeds… She’s having about 2 oz at a time and about 20oz at most a day!


She’s been having a couple of oz’s about 11pm and then sleeping through until 7am. Which is brilliant, unfortunately as she’s started to sleep better, Noah hasn’t! He’s been a bit poorly, always one or the other. I guess that’s a sign of things to come…

Well a few more days of enjoying our holiday & no housework! Then it’s back to reality!!!

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Last Update: Friday, 20th July 2012