This guest post is written by Mummybird who has 2 lovely children, you can read all about the life in the “Bird house” on her amazing blog –

I don’t know about you but when I was little one of my favourite toys was my dolls house. Its something that I spent hours setting up and playing with, I loved the role play and creating adventures for my dolls. When I used to get invited around to friends houses for tea the first thing I would do when I walked through their front door was look for a dolls house.

One of my friends in particular, I will never forget because she had the BIGGEST dolls house I have ever seen. I opened her bedroom door and stood staring in awe at this beautiful dolls house complete with a bath and shower, bedroom furniture and all the other accessories and dreamed it was mine.

When my daughter was a baby all I could think about was which dolls house could we get her when she was older. I started a hunt online and I was amazed at just how beautiful they are these days. I knew I wanted it to be pink and girly and I knew if I loved it then hopefully she would too.

This is the dolls house we choose and for our little princess, I set it up with the furniture and then carefully wrapped it up for her 2nd Birthday. From the moment she saw it she has been in love with it, I waited with baited breath for her reaction and I hoped she would be as excited about it as I was. I was not disappointed because she was over the moon with it. It has been the one toy that she has played with the most and its the one toy I think I will keep forever, who knows perhaps one day my grandchildren might like to play with it.

There is a beautiful selection of dolls houses on the Big Game Hunter website, there is so much to choose from you can pick anything from stunning dolls houses to furniture and of course the lovely dolls that come with them too. Why not pop over and have a look…

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018