This might seem like an odd title, but lately I have had a lot of feedback about my blog from friends and colleagues. Most of them saying that I come across like we are busy, constantly (pardon the pun) and do we ever just sit around in our PJ’s? In fact, one of these people asked me if we ever just sit around in our pants! Well yes of course we do – OK maybe not our pants, but definitely our PJ’s! (Insert doodle stick drawing here – I am sure Hurrah for Gin would do this doodle perfectly).


 How do you spend your family downtime?

What I mean by this is the typical, lounging around in the house with our PJ’s on. Snuggling up on the sofa, watching family movies or TV or cooking together or being in the garden together doing things that families do. Yes we do this normal family stuff. We have housework to do, we have pets to look after and we have a life to live. Much the same as everyone else. We are not always on holiday, or always on adventures, always baking and crafting. I am not always blogging either. When you work all week, it is nice to chill out at the weekends and have some time together – mostly doing nothing. On the flip side, taking a walk around the beach or scooting across a National Trust path is relaxing and fun, a complete wind down. But we don’t do that every weekend.

The power of social media, obviously, gives everyone the illusion that all we do is escape and explore, go on weekly adventures and are always busy doing something. Not sure why, but I like sharing beautiful photos of woods or sandy beaches that we visit and I tend not to share photos of my feet up on the sofa – I suppose I feel like people do not want to see the latter. But believe me, we do do that.

One of my favourite places is my bed. When I want to unwind the perfect night is a hot chocolate, movie or a spot of Now TV, snuggled up in my bed with my favourite fluffy cushion. It’s hard to think about life before kids, when I could just “mong” for hours and in the mornings too – that certainly doesn’t happen anymore. The joys of living with small humans.

I was also told that my blog comes across like I have a perfect life, I always talk about positive things and the fun that we have as a family. Whereas, people, including my friends want to hear about my not so perfect days and the awful products that I recieve to review. So, I am going to make more of an effort to write about these things more. As I do have horrible days, miserable days and not always are the children perfectly happy! We are just a normal family, ups and downs like normal people and not everyday is perfect, I promise.

So, to answer your questions, yes we do have chill out time and yes we do do family downtime. No, we are not always out and about. And no nothing is perfect. Is it? 

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Last Update: Monday, 8th February 2016