Noah was lucky enough to be sent a fantastic WOW Toy to review: Ernie Fire Engine. Ernie is a great little fire engine, which doesn’t need batteries and is friction powered – so he literally just keeps fighting fires. We love WOW Toys, they are always well made and they think about the little ones who will be playing with them.

They are always very colourful, resemble the real deal but in a child friendly way and they are full of ingenious ideas, like friction movement!


The clever little fire engine has some great functions: Motorised motor, Realistic engine sounds, Clicking ladder, WOW push-button, Opening tailgate, Opening cab and Removable pieces (which all little toddlers love to take apart and put back together again). Noah first got Ernie just before his 2nd birthday and he has grown with it, adapting his playing style and using it in different ways. It really has been nice to see him develop with his little fire engine.

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WOW Toys recognise there are different ages that children develop certain benefits and I can honestly say that Noah learnt in this method: From 1½ years – Sensory stimulation and motor skill development, From 2 years – Discovery & learning, From 2½ years – Social interaction and From 3 years – Role-play & exploration. He is using this more and more in role playing games and Jack the fireman will talk to other characters and he has started to “nee nar” the siren sounds when Ernie is going to put out fires.

You can see how the friction movement works in my YouTube video and you can hear the noise that is created too:

You can buy Ernie at Argos and there is currently a fab offer online too: you can save 25%!

You can see all the fantastic WOW Toys on their website: You can follow them on Twitter: @WOW_Toys, like them on Facebook: and subscribe to their YouTube feed:

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018