It gets to this time of year, every year since 2010 when I sit back and think about how my life completely changed – for the better of course. Noah was born 9th November 2010, so for those clever calculators out there it would have been around Valentines Day, give a week or 2 that we made baby Noah. This is when I started my blog, it is how it all began…

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I still cannot believe to this day how lucky I have been to have 2 very beautiful and very healthy babies, right from the word go. I had great pregnancies, except the sore SPD towards to heavier stages of pregnancy and I had relatively easy going days leading up to the births. The births were a different story entirely for very different reasons, Noah was caught up and had to be rushed to the baby unit straight after birth (scary) and with Isla she was fine, but I had to be rushed to theatre to have placenta removed (could have died) – so I think a 3rd might be pushing it. Don’t you?


I started writing my blog as I wanted a diary of my pregnancy and a log of what I felt, how I felt it and a journal for my babies to read when they get older – things have progressed some what since then. My aspirations for my blog have adapted and I am using my “geekside” to develop it into a, hopefully, useful blog. It will be something very interesting for the little ones to read when they get older, I write about their monthly goings on, the interesting things, our trips out and of course top it off with our photography.


Why am I writing this? It’s that time of year when I think back to when it all started and it’s also that time of year when the MAD blog award nominations are collated – I would love to be nominated for an award. If you would like to take 5 minutes to nominate me, I would be extremely grateful: You have until the 14th March 2014 – so plenty of time.


Categories are:

  • MAD Blog of the Year
  • Best Blog Writer
  • Best Baby Blog
  • Best Pregnancy Blog
  • Best Family Travel Blog
  • Best New Blog (not sure if at a year old I count as “new” still)
  • Outstanding Contribution
  • Best Craft Blog
  • Best Food Blog
  • Most Innovative Blog
  • Best Thrifty Blog
  • Best Schooldays Blog
  • Most Entertaining Blog
  • Best Photography Blog
  • Best MAD Blog for Family Fun
  • Best Homes & Interiors Blog

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