There is no denying that the world we live in has changed rapidly over the past decade. One of the most significant changes is the ability to work from anywhere in the world. So long as you have a laptop and a good Internet connection, you can just as easily work from Austria as you can in Australia. However, there is a lot to consider when working remotely. While it presents a great opportunity, it also requires a different approach. You need to be dedicated and you need to account for differences in time zones and such like. So, with that being said, read on to discover some tips on working from any corner of the world. 

  • Work on your work/life balance – There is only one place to begin, and this is with your work/life balance. When working on a remote basis, this is something a lot of people struggle with. They find themselves working every hour under the sun because their normal life and their work-life end up blending into one. However, we all need to have breaks from time to time, and that is why we recommend developing a work schedule and making sure you stick with it. The importance of downtime should never be overlooked when it comes to maintaining a healthy and productive existence. 
  • Put communication first – Next, communication is even more important when you work from another country. Jobs can often go wrong because of poor communication, with people ending up on different pages. This is why you need to make a dedicated effort to put communication first. Not only should you make the most of different platforms, including instant messaging, email, and video chats, but you need to respect time differences and prioritise communicating in a clear and concise manner. This will make your life a lot easier and it will ensure your clients feel secure and trust in you too.
  • Evaluate all of your career options carefully (there are more than you realise!) – Last but not least, more and more job opportunities are becoming available on a remote basis. Whether you want to teach people about the concept of phonemic awareness and help children to develop their literacy skills or you are interested in developing e-commerce stores for brands around the world, you will be able to find remote opportunities available. You can even carve them out for yourself if you decide to advertise your own services rather than simply look for job postings. 

As you can see, there is a lot to consider if you want to take your job to any corner of the world. We hope that the tips and suggestions that we have provided you with in this blog post will help you if you have decided that you want to take your career around the globe. Remember, it is important to get that work/life balance right when you are working remotely, and prioritize communication so that you can maintain good relationships with your clients. 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 24th May 2022