With a little girls fifth birthday coming up in a few weeks, I thought it would be fitting to find out what fabulous toys Chad Valley have to offer. There are quite literally tonnes of fabulous toys on the Argos website under the Chad Valley filter. So much choice. my instinct reaction was to delve straight into the role playing area though. She has a curved wooden kitchen and a poorly pet healthy and grooming kit, both great value and hours of fun! 

Chad Valley curved wooden kitchen 

This curved wooden kitchen, is not only adorable, but completely practical for little ones with its safe edges and a height that is just perfect for young budding chefs. I love the colour and the design on the kitchen too, it looks really stylish and I think it looks cute. Isla loves it too. It feels really study and well built. I think it is a great price. The main features of the kitchen are: the oven, two shelves in line with the oven, a removable metal sink (which is good for holding water), hob area, a clock with moveable hand and a little shelf. 

The set comes with a casserole dish, pan and the salt and pepper shakers which are great for the shelf! Isla enjoys making us all a fried egg for breakfast, in her PJs. You can open up the oven and put things in it, so you can really pretend to make a yummy casserole. Its great for imaginative youngsters. 

The kitchen specifications are: Height 50, Weight 58.5, Diameter 15cm. It is the perfect height for Isla, who is just over a metre tall. The kitchen is for over 3 year olds. The assembly was quick, I managed to build it within 30 minutes. The instructions were simple and it is a really sturdy product. I am really impressed with it. I wish I had things like that when I was a 5 year old! A great price for £44.99. 

Chad Valley poorly pet health & grooming kit 

The Poorly pet health and grooming kit is great for little imaginations and a complete bargain at £10.99. The kit comes with a cute carry case and some tools to help your child care for their new little friend. Isla got a little kitten, it could come with a puppy. The tools are: mirror, microscope, hammer, brush, comb, bottle, pet food and tweezers. Isla pretends that she is taking her kitten to the vets, like Mummy does with Rocky – its nice to see her imagination whirring. She asks me all sorts of questions that come off of these little games that she plays.   

The carry case is: Height 17.14, Weight 22.22, Diameter 17.7cm. It is really light weight and has a good clasp to close the lid which makes it easy for Isla to open/close. I am also confident the carry case will last quite a long time for that reason. I like the fact that even the clasp makes Isla use her logic skills to work it out. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018