At the end of October I announced that we are working alongside Argos on the Chad Valley play panel. Not only is it mega exciting because I get to share all the great toys Chad Valley have in time for Christmas, but I get to share some goodies with my readers too. If you haven’t already make sure you enter the fabulous competition to win 75 worth of Argos vouchers. Along with competitions I get to review some of the toys, this time around we are reviewing Isabella the interactive doll.

Isabella has been welcomed in to the Constant household with open, loving, arms as far as Isla is concerned. When she opened up the box she looked at me and said “Mummy, I am a Mummy too now”. It was so cute. But completely shows just how much she loves Isabella. She treats her like a real baby. 


Isabella’s interactions

Isabella has many interactions, there are seven in total, ranging from noises when she has her dummy in her mouth to sleeping noises when she is lying down. If you press her foot/hand she cries and if you press the other she laughs. When you press her tummy she says “Mamma” which is really cute. Isabella makes suckling noises when you put the dummy in her mouth, which is really funny as it sounds quite realistic. There was one evening that Isla had left the dummy in her mouth and she continued to make the suckling noise for about half an hour. It took Daddy and I that half an hour to discover what it was and to remove the dummy. When Isabella sits upright, after her feed, she has a little burp to wind herself. I have explained to Isla about winding babies and how it is important that they do not get a tummy ache. Then finally, when she is taking a nap she makes a soft sleeping sound.

You can turn all of these sounds off on the pack in her back, but don’t tell the children that, she’s real remember!

Isabella’s accessories

Isabella comes with her very own baby milk bottle, baby bib, bowl, fork and spoon and a tub of baby food. Isla loves feeding her. She sits with her when she is just chilling and holds her like a real baby, she feeds her with the bottle like Isabella is a real baby. It is so cute. I love watching her playing in her little imaginative world.


The thing I love about Chad Valley is that they think about the whole package. They have created the adorable Babies to love range, which includes a variety of fantastic interactive dolls that come with different accessories. But you can purchase a lot more Chad valley accessories too. For Christmas we are going to get Isabella the highchair, food items, baby pack and possibly the car carrier so that Isla can really get into the role play that she is a Mummy. I think her favourite accessory will be the baby bed and changing unit, she can put Isabella to bed next to her bed. It might make her sleep better, who knows!

For £12.99 Isabella is a bargain, she does a lot for the value and Isla just loves her. That kind of love and care, seeing her look after something so thoughtfully is worth a lot more than that, to me.

Do you have a favourite Babies to love doll? If so, I would love to hear about it. I would love to know if you have purchased Isabella for your little one and how they got on with her in the comments below or on social media…


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018