As you may remember on Saturday morning a very locked suitcase arrived on my doorstep. An hour later a mobile phone turned up saying I had to await further instructions to crack the code on the suitcase. Well I can now reveal what is inside the suitcase… You can follow #SkyWitness on social media to keep up to date with the new dramas and other peoples suitcases of course. 

Cracking the code

Well, actually the code was quite obvious, I should have guessed it really. It’s today’s date. Why is that important, simple: Sky Living changes to Sky Witness today and has all of our favourite TV shows in one place. From firefighters, emergency rooms to the court room. So once I’d put in 608 into the suitcase lock, I got in….

What’s inside the suitcase?

Initially I was greeted with a beautiful knitted blanket from Soho Home, it’s gorgeous and works perfectly in my lounge. So a great blanket to snuggle up and watch Sky Witness with. It was teamed with the most comfortable pyjamas, ever, from Desmond & Dempsey. They are so light and perfect for this time of year. I am going to enjoy snuggling with these tonight!

On the other side of the suitcase they had laid out the perfect spy supplies and it did make me giggle! I have a new cafetière for making a nice cup of coffee, which I will do just in time for For the People tonight at 10pm. A new lipstick from Christian Louboutin. It doesn’t look like a lipstick, it’s like something out of a bond movie. It’s in a beautiful gold drop design with a ribbon necklace. It’s gorgeous. I don’t want to ever use it, it’s that pretty! I have my own notebook, with initials, to make notes of my own investigations. Last but not least, a wonderful scented candle. It’s delightful. From Diptyque called Baies and it’s made from roses and black currant. It really smells incredible.

The perfect combination for a perfect evening of settling in front of the TV to watch Sky Witness. I’ve included the product links in case you want to recreate your very own Sky Witness evening… Whose with me for the start of For the People?

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