When it comes to idyllic family holidays in Europe, there are few destinations that compare to Northern France. For one thing, the fact that Northern France can be reached so quickly and easily from the UK with daily services from Brittany Ferries offering holiday deals with ferry and accommodation included makes the whole region of Northern France incredibly accessible. Not only this, but the sheer variety of entertainment on offer caters to the tastes of adults, teenagers and kids of all ages alike.

So just to illustrate the point in a little more detail, here’s a quick rundown of just 10 of the very best family activities and outings to consider, if heading to Northern France this summer:

  1. Horse Riding

There are few horse riding locations in the world more breathtakingly beautiful than Northern France. There are also countless equestrian centres dotted across the region.

  1. Hit the Beach

Of course, one of the most enjoyable things to do during these kinds of trips is to do nothing at all! Northern France – particularly Brittany – is blessed with an endless string of stunning beaches. Perfect for soaking up the sun during the warmer months of the year.

  1. Sailing

With such a glorious expanse of coastline, this is also the perfect place to enjoy a sailing trip. Alternatively, why not put your own nautical know-how to the test and embark on a couple of sailing lessons? Either way, an experience you will never forget.

  1. Hiking

To say there’s no shortage of hiking routes in and around the region would be something of an understatement. In fact, the well-maintained walking trials alone measure along the lines of 3,000 kilometres. All in the kind of scenery that’s no less than spellbinding.

  1. Cycling

This area of Europe is also famed worldwide for its near-endless cycle routes.  Many of which are so wonderfully relaxing and free from traffic that you’re likely to come across very few vehicles.

  1. Nature Watching

Take the time to hop on an organised excursion out to sea and get up-close and personal with the local wildlife. Or if you’d prefer to stay ashore, why not take a trip to the quirky village of Estree and visit a working ostrich farm?

  1. Ride a Steam Train

One of the best ways of taking the beauty of the Bay of the Somme is from aboard a historic steam train. Head over to Chemin de Fer Touristque de Vallee de l’AA for more details on available routes and departure times.

  1. Go Fishing

Even if fishing isn’t normally your thing, a spot of deep sea fishing off one of the most beautiful bays in Europe really is an experience to remember. Not to mention, one seriously exciting afternoon for the kids!

  1. Dine Like Royalty

Adults and kids of all ages never fail to get a kick out of the local gastronomic highlights of the region. Sublime seafood, incredible cheeses, perfect pastries and mouth-watering crepes – just a few of the highlights of this corner of the country.

  1. Grab a Snorkel

Last but not least, why not take the opportunity to discover an entire new world living just below the surface of the sea? Grab yourself a bunch of snorkels, head to the nearest white-sand beach and take a dip in the big blue!


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