It’s all very well and good to turn your hobby into a business idea, but if you want long-term success, you have to be able to stand out from your competitors. This is easier said than done in the current market, with more people than ever deciding to run their own businesses. 

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With that in mind, here are some simple steps you can take to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

Become a fixture in your community. Increasing your community engagement will boost your business significantly, especially if you run a brick-and-mortar store. As a result, you should aim to become a fixture within your community, as this will increase customer retention rates and also word-of-mouth referrals. Thankfully, there are various ways you can achieve this goal, such as: 

  • Offering exclusive discount codes to local residents. 
  • Attending local/community events. 
  • Networking with other business owners in the area. 
  • Donating to local causes. 

Have a high-quality website. 

According to a recent study, less than 2/3 of small businesses have a website. While this may not immediately seem like a pressing issue, in doing so, you are limiting your earning potential significantly, especially as many consumers now favour online shopping. However, it’s not enough to set up a webpage and hope for the best; you must ensure that it is a high-quality, professional page that showcases the best that your brand has to offer. If you don’t have an eye for design, this means you might have to outsource someone to do the creative work on your behalf. For example, you could work with a  Graphic design team to curate the perfect website. 

Know what makes you unique. 

The easiest way to make your brand stand out from all competitors that come your way is to have a clear understanding of what makes your brand unique and use this feature in your marketing. This is otherwise known as your 

USP (Unique Selling Proposition). For example, if your products are special because they get the job done quicker than similar products, feature this in your next advertisement. The more you differentiate yourself from other brands, the better! 

Respond to negative feedback. If you’re looking to upgrade your business, you need to be mindful of the way in which your brand is perceived. This means that you have to be receptive to all feedback, even negative comments. After all, how can you expect to grow if you do not take complaints on board? Furthemore, studies suggest that customers value brands that are transparent and honest – meaning that you can use the way in which you actively respond to criticism to differentiate yourself from your competitors and stand out. To put it simply, you need to take a customer-centric approach and do whatever it takes to bring a smile to their face. In doing so, you will quickly become one of the favourite brands instead of fading into obscurity. While you cannot please everyone, you’ll be able to win people over with honesty and integrity. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 15th June 2022

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