What music did your bump like??

When I was expecting Noah, I used to play Stevie Wonders greatest hits album A LOT and also the Beaches soundtrack… when Noah was a little bean I used to sing him “baby mine” from the Beaches soundtrack to soothe him (as it worked) and it still does… isn’t it amazing how things like that stick. I used to sing at the top of my lungs, “For your love” from Stevie Wonder on the way to and from work, so no wonder he got to learn it.

Well, I have done the same with bump 2, it has been subjected to a lot of Stevie Wonder and especially For your love. I wonder if it soothes this little one…

What were your favourite songs to sing secretly to your bump?


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  • Kate
    May 4, 2012

    Daddy Doo played a lot of gentle rock to bump and I always had music on in the car from soppy love songs to funky house and cheesey pop songs. Youngling loves music now and dances away like no one is watching. Hes a little fire cracker and has definitely inherited my musical and physical gene lol. Bless him. Would you put Noah into Dance class? xx

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What music did your bump like??

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