Smokey eyes have become the ‘must wear’ classic make-up look and have been a celebrity favourite on the red carpet from season to season. Now its not very often that I go out and get dressed up these days, but when I do go out, I always go for the smokey eyes look and its always the black palette that I go for – I was lucky to be able to review a black Gosh Smokey eye palette.

The Smokey Eye Palettes come with a very clever sheet of instructions, it guides you on what colour to put where by using a numbering system. You can see it in the lid of the palette… the eye diagram has numbers 1-4 on it and the numbers correlate to the 4 colours in the palette. 1 being the white and 4 being the black. It’s really useful and such a great way of learning how to create the Smokey Eyes look.

Well, I am no make up artist but I had a bash and the smokey eye look has definitely done its job; you can see the whiter shade around the top of my eyelid and the grey on my actual eyelid, the darker greys in the middle and the black to the left of my eyelid. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Its nice to get dressed up, especially being a mum to a little toddler, we don’t go out very often and the excuse to get the Smokey Eyes out has become less regular, but now I know how to do it properly – I might just make it a more regular occurrence and take hubby out on some date nights!

GOSH Smokey Eye Palettes are only £7.99 and available exclusively from Superdrug.

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Last Update: Friday, 4th May 2012