Expenses are aplenty when it comes to bridal function as well as the wedding. Although brides are usually prepared to meet the expenses, they are basically swamped with bills to pay. However, when these bills actually arrive, it can be very overwhelming. Let’s not even talk about the times of crisis and mishaps knock at your doorsteps. Brides and grooms often find sometimes in the middle of sticky situations.

This is where the role of bridesmaids can come really handy. As a bridesmaid, you are expected to cover certain expenses of your own. If these expenses are duly covered, they can give a lot of relaxation to the couple. So here are the five expenses bridesmaids could cover:

1. Bridesmaid Dresses:

Bridesmaid dresses can be expensive and if paired with the bride’s dresses, the cost can create havoc. That is why the bridesmaids should offer to pay for the bridesmaid dresses chosen for them. It is a noble thing to help the brides out. You don’t understand the kind of relief you can give to the bride if you pay for your dress. Some brides refuse to take the money but you should always offer it.

2. Accessories and Shoes:

Along with the bridesmaid dresses, you should offer to pay for the matching accessories and shoes. These two things on their own are very expensive. So, if you offer to pay for the shoes instead of the dress, then that can help too. So go shoe shopping for your attire and then politely ask to pay. In the meantime pick from the cheap bridesmaid dresses to keep costs in check. 

3. Makeup and Hair:

Another element is wedding hair and makeup. Brides hire professionals help to get them ready before their wedding. The same stylists are usually assigned to dress you and other bridesmaids as well. But these stylists charge a hefty fee to dress every customer. So naturally, the bride is expected to bear all of the costs of her bridesmaids. But that shouldn’t be the case. You, as a bridesmaid, should always offer to pay for the hair and make-up.

4. Accommodation:

When you arrive for the wedding you have to manage accommodation. If this accommodation is prepared by the bride at her place then well and good. However, if you have to manage the accommodation on your own, then always offer to pay rather than expecting the bride to bear the cost of your accommodation. The bride may take it upon herself to clear your dues. But the courtesy is that you keep her from paying.

5. Pre-Wedding Event: 

All the wedding proceedings like the hen do and the bridal shower should be borne by the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids should pitch in and divide the cost as well as plan every detail. It is not the bride’s responsibility to plan for these events. These events are actually for the bride and not by the bride. So you should put in those extra bucks and extra hours of planning to ace everything.


Covering the above mentioned costs can substantially help the bride smoothly meet her budget. These payments are noble and respectable things to do from the bridesmaid’s end. So cover the cost of your bridesmaid dresses and the other listed things.

With all of this being said, we paid for our bridesmaids dresses, shoes, hair and makeup. It does end up costing quite a lot when you add it all up. What did your bridesmaid pay for?

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