Week 2 has been incredibly busy, as you have all seen. I had my 36th birthday, the kiddies went back to school and things started to get back to normal – up until we moved house that is.

We had a bit of a nightmare with the house move, in that our plans didn’t work out at all. We wanted to get the keys and decorate ready for moving the furniture and us in on the Saturday. But the house was covered in more wallpaper than we first thought – I knew it would take longer than we anticipated so I thought it would be best to stay here from day one. We literally worked until we dropped all weekend.

There was another issue in that the seller decided, in his wisdom, to lock the garage from the inside and padlock the garage from the front door – and drive home with the key. So we wanted to stay in the house because we didn’t want anyone trying to get in the house whilst we were not there. Very stressful.

We are working our way through the renovations and decorating. It is getting there. Next week is going to be another busy week. Keep up with my stories for photo updates…

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Last Update: Monday, 14th January 2019