Yes, it’s happened. Little Isla, who is full of sass at the best of times, is becoming a little madam. Noah has developed an attitude too over the past few weeks. The videos they watch on YouTube are full of children who are rude and do naughty things around the house (acting of course), but I believe it’s teaching the kiddies that they can behave like that.

I’m sure the videos are not 100% to blame, but they aren’t helping. Isla is fascinated by these two sisters who do naughty things, like spill crisps on the floor or swim in a bath of beans. They talk back to their parents (acting) or are portraying they can do what they want. Isla started to copy them.

When I ask her if she can do something I get a screech in response. Not words. This is something she’s got from the videos. Or she expects everything. I’m sure this is partly to do with the fact we get a lot of wonderful goodies to blog about. But, these videos she watches their unboxing things and showing off toys. She wants them all.

I had to sit her down and explain that it isn’t real. The girls do not really have a cupboard full of Monster Munch. Or they do not really talk to their Mums and Dads like that. They are pretending. I think it is sinking in.

We’ve agreed, as a family, they can have YouTube back when the rudeness stops and they start being grateful for the things they get. So far, it seems to be working. We’re also using an earn as you go principle at home too. They only get treats, from a chocolate bar to a new magazine etc, if they earn it. Reward charts and special tasks earn them points. That is working really well. The structure of a reward chart has been so helpful with both children as they know what to expect and what we expect from them.

What do you think?

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