Join Ryder and his Paw Patrol pals this Easter on their mystery-solving adventures in their search for pirate treasure, when they discover a secret map! This week saw the launch of the new DVD “Paw Patrol: Pups and the pirate treasure” which has 6 new fabulous episodes to sail through.


The Nick Jr Paw Patrol is the favourite with the children at the moment, they want to watch it whenever they can. So when we heard about the new DVD we couldn’t wait to see the episodes. They had the children captivated. Ryder and his pups discover a secret pirate cave and em”BARK” on a treasure hunt! They also stop a ghostly pirate ship from sailing away. It has inspired the children to talk about pirate maps and treasure and we are going to be making our very own pirate maps and find the hidden treasure over Easter. A little twist on the usual Easter egg hunt.

You can buy the new Paw Patrol DVD on Amazon for only £6.99, with Amazon Prime you can have it as quickly as tomorrow too.

To top it off I have some rather fun activity sheets for your little ones to download and colour in whilst watching the new episodes of Paw Patrol.

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Download the activity sheets here and print them out at home!


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